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Extreme Mode Player Achievements!

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Extreme Mode Achievements

With the release of the new Extreme Mode, featuring 5x Combat Xp Rates and 3x Skilling Xp Rates,

comes a new set of achievements for the community to grind and acknowledge.

Here are some noticeable achievements obtained by grinders of the Extreme Mode.

Possible Rewards for these achievements have not been decided yet, but still are impressive.


Skilling Achievements:
1. First to 99 Attack: Stay Grindin!
2. First to 99 Strength: Stay Grindin!
3. First to 99 Defence: Extremebtw!
4. First to 99 Hitpoints: E Thank You!
5. First to 99 Range: Cute!

6. First to 99 Prayer: Extreme!
7. First to 99 Magic: Stay Grindin!
8. First to 99 Runecrafting: Extreme!
9. First to 99 Construction : Extreme!
10. First to 99 Dungeoneering: Extreme!
11. First to 99 Agility : Extreme!
12. First to 99 Herblore : Skraaa!
13. First to 99 Thieving: DpZulrah4bp!
14. First to 99 Crafting: Extreme!
15. First to 99 Fletching: Extream K0!
16. First to 99 Slayer: Extreme!
17. First to 99 Hunter: Extreme!
18. First to 99 Mining: Extreme!

19. First to 99 Smithing: Extreme!
20. First to 99 Fishing: Proute (Martzz)
21. First to 99 Cooking: Extreme!
22. First to 99 Firemaking: Extreme!
23. First to 99 Woodcutting: Extreme!
24. First to 99 Farming: Extreme!
25. First to 99 Summoning: Skraaa!
26. First to 138 combat: Extreme!
27. First to 120 Dungeoneering.
28. First to a level 120 Skill.

29. First to 1000 Total Level: Cute!
30. First to 2000 Total Level: Extreme!

31. First to Max Cape. (2475 Total Level) : Extreme!
32. First Skilling Pet: Lordnord (Pet Heron)
PvM Achievements:
1. First Global Message Drop: Stay Grindin!
2. First Barrows Set Achieved: Stay Grindin (Guthans)!
3. First Abyssal Whip: Stay Grindin!

4. First Draconic Visage: Rawrgasm
5. First Fire Cape: Extreme!
6. First Kiln Cape: Extreme!

7. First Infernal Cape: Extreme!
8. First Bandos Drop: Atazoth Ext (Bandos Tassets) W/ Stay Grindin, Extremebtw & Ext Dan
9. First Armadyl Drop: Monk Bird Ex (Armadyl Hilt W/ Fapor)
10. First Zammy Drop: Ext Dan (Subjugation Ward) W/ Skraaa
11. First Sara Drop:
12. First Nex Drop:

13. First Wildy Boss Drop: Extremely (Dragon Pickaxe)
14. First Zulrah Drop: Ext Ferda! (Onyx)
15. First Blowpipe: Gift!
16. First Kraken Drop: Stay Grindin (Kraken Tentacle)

17. First Cerberus Drop: Extreme! (Pegasian Crystal)
18. First Spirit Shield or Corp Drop: Extreme (Holy Elixir)
19. First Theatre of Blood Drop After Release (Ext Drop Only): Stay Grindin (Lil' Zik)
20. First All Extreme Completion of Theatre of Blood.
21. First to a Boss Pet: Ext Dan! (Prince Black Dragon)
No-Life Achievements:
1. First Completionist Cape:
2. First Trimmed Completionist Cape:
Subject to change if a new achievement is added.
Have a suggestion to add another achievement?
If you believe you have completed an achievement, comment down below with a screenshot.
Good Luck to all, get back to the Grind!

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Sick :)


Thanks for making that thread and to add to that list I think Rawrgasm got the first draconic visage and I got (possibly?) the first wild boss drop at Ven.



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7 hours ago, spilly said:

potential first evil drop on an extreme?5b56d60dc2a7b_flameglovesext.jpg.fd1a01aca41f555ea0c25fb816ce17c2.jpg

Had gloves for a while too like 3/4 days in so idk


And first Vorkath drop? 



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Well damn, if only this was a thing for the other previous modes. Nice to see grinders getting some cred.

Stay at it my fellow extremes. 

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Updated all of the achievements we had on the list. As for adding new ones, will see in the near future.

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Dragon warhammer is more rare than draconic visage or dragon pickaxe.. Since you can only get dwh from 1npc. but draconic visage you can get from almost any type of dragon.. Same as dragon pickaxe, you can get it from many wildy bosses. 

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