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Mining Guide

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Mining is a very straightforward skill, this guide will aim to give you everything you should need to know.




To mine, all you will need to have is a pickaxe.
Then locating a mine and simply clicking on the rocks to mine it and gain an ore.
The higher the level the ore, the longer it will take to replenish.



You can get your starting pickaxes from Iron to Rune, from the skilling shop located at ::shops



At level 61 Mining you can use a Dragon Pickaxe.
You can get a dragon pickaxe as a drop from the following monsters:
- Callisto
- Venenatis
- Vet'ion
- Chaos Elemental
- King Black Dragon
- Chaos Dwarfs

Alternatively you can receive a gilded dragon pickaxe from the squeal of fortune if you are lucky.


[1] Infernal pickaxe is made by attaching a smouldering stone (a drop from Cerberus/hellhounds)
to a dragon pickaxe (level 85 smithing requirements.

The infernal pickaxe has the chance for ore to be smelted as you mine it and grants you with smithing experience.





- Powermining is the best way to gain experience, if you are wielding your pickaxe you can use the command ::empty to clear out your inventory when needed.

- Quarrymaster Aura : This aura slightly increases the rate you gain ore when mining, the better the tier, the better the percentage chance.

- You have a random chance to gain gems when mining, this can be anything from sapphire up to onyx.

- Golden Mining Suit (Obtained through lava flow mine) gives additional 2.5% mining experience when worn.

- Lava Titan Pouch - Level 83 Summoning Familiar : Gives the player an invisible boost of 10 mining levels.





All experience was calculated with the following bonuses:

- Clan Chat Bonus
- Bank Pin Bonus
- Vote Bonus

All experience was also rounded down so therefore are not 100% accurate to the point

To find out how much experience you get if you are a donater just use the experience below and X by the following:

-Sapphire x1.1
-Emerald x1.2
-Ruby x1.3
-Diamond x1.4
-Onyx x1.5





- This is just a recommendation for levelling to 99+, but does not need to be followed


Level 1 - 15
Tin and Copper Ore


Where to mine:  ::mining is the easiest option for starting



Level 15 - 45
Iron Ore


Where to mine: There are a few good spots to mine iron ore, one spot is east ardougne mine.



Level 45 - *77/80/99


Where to mine: This is mined at the Quarry, South West of Bandit Camp lodestone teleport

- This area is ideal for 45+ as it's good experience and with ::empty you can stay as long as you like. However there are other options from 77+



Living Rock Caverns

The living rock caverns is an area made for high levels in Fishing & Mining.
It is a dangerous area, so it's advised to go with high prayer bonus gear and either prayer renewal potions or prayer potions/super restores and protect from range if being ranged and protect from melee if being melee'd.
It is also possible to lure monsters around the deposits here to not take damage.






Level 77 - 80
Concentrated Coal


Where to mine: Living Rock Caverns, teleports(::tp) > dungeones & bosses > page 6 > Living Rock Caverns


Level 80 - 99
Concentrated Gold Ore


Where to mine: Living Rock Caverns, teleports(::tp) > dungeones & bosses > page 6 > Living Rock Caverns





Shooting Stars

Shooting stars are 1 of 2 good afk training methods.

Shooting stars fall on the server roughly every 2 hours, and will be announced which area of onyx it will be in. When mining the shooting star you earn stardust. To get the maximum reward you need to break open the star and hand in 200 stardust to the star sprite.

*Reward can only be claimed once every 24hrs unless you are a donater, the higher the donater rank the more you can claim per day

To locate a star it is best to have emerald+ donation status and use the ::star command,
I would advise if you don't have donation rank to do this, ask someone who does to tell you its location.


Shooting star can require a maximum of level 90 and a minimum of level 10 mining, depending on the star size.

Star Size 9 - Level 90
Star Size 8 - Level 80
Star Size 7 - Level 70
Star Size 6 - Level 60
Star Size 5 - Level 50
Star Size 4 - Level 40
Star Size 3 - Level 30
Star Size 2 - Level 20
Star Size 1 - Level 10


The Reward for handing in 200 Stardust to the Star Sprite is:



Lava Flow Mine

Lava flow mine is found in Keldagrim, and is the other good afk mining training method.
It is also where you can obtain the
Golden Mining Suit, which grants additional 2.5% mining xp when worn.

The Requirement for the Lava Flow Mine is 68 Mining



How it works:

The purpose is to mine the lava crust from one of the four lava channels to help open the flow.

For the best experience rates, you want to check the steam gauges connected to each lava segment and try to find the segment with 50%.

The trick to finding the 50% faster is to check a guage, and know that the rest will flow in order from top to bottom, left to right. 
(E.g. If you search one and it says 60%, you know the next segment to the south is the 50% one)

There is a notification in the chatbox whenever the lava flow changes, if you aim to maintain the best experience you will have to research for the new 50% flow segments.






After a while, you will get a notification that a Liquid Gold Nymph has appeared, she will give you a piece of the golden mining suit.

It will take 5 Nymphs for the full mining suit

However, after you have the full suit, the nymphs will still appear and will give you the option to gild (trim) your pickaxe or give you a chunk of mining experience.



Red Sandstone

Red sandstone can be mined from level 81 mining as well as having the quest requirements for "As a First Resort quest" (48 Hunter, 51 Firemaking, 58 Woodcutting) 
The sandstone can then be made into robust glass which then can be crafted into potion flasks.

There is a limit to the amount of Red Sandstone you can mine each day, but as you increase in donation rank, so does the amount of Red Sandstone you can receive daily.

There are 3 locations to mine Red Sandstone

1. The first that everyone can access is at Oo'glog. The fastest way to get here is using skilling teleports > red chins, then running south

2. Donation Zone (::dz) - run south from the teleport spot

3. Diamond+ Donation Zone (::ddz / ::vip) - running south then following the first path east




Sapphire + Donation Benefits

In the donation zone (::dz), there are two deposits, one coal and one gold ore. These are the same concentrated ore deposits as living rock caverns, but without the danger element.



Diamond+ Donation Benefits

In the vip donation zone (::vip / ::ddz) there are also one coal and one gold ore deposit, however these do not deplete like the rest of the server. There is also red sandstone, 2 runite rocks, 2 adamantite rocks, 2 mithril rocks and 6 gem rocks.


This is by far the best location to do mining!


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