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Sawmill minigame guide

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Sawmill Minigame Guide


Hey guys :) 


With the recent addition of lumberjack set as a potential reward from the Sawmill Minigame that came out on June 14th, here's my guide on how to get it. Please note that this also became a completionist cape requirement.


Requirement : 80 Woodcutting




1. How to get there


Use the Blue portal > Minigames teleports > Sawmill 


From there, go east through the two doors.




2. Starting off


First of all, you have to get a job from the job board found north of the Overseer (on the wall).




I recommend choosing a large job for the most xp and chances at getting the lumberjack set pieces.


3. Completing your job


The next thing you gotta do is gather planks from the stack north of the job board (use take many to fill your inventory).



Then, go northeast to the conveyor belt hopper and load all your logs.




Collect the logs now turned into planks at the receiving end of the conveyor belt.




Finally, click on the workbench to make the planks required to complete your job.




For a large job, you need :

- 45 straight cuts (45 planks);

- 20 diagonal cuts (10 planks - you get 2 per plank);

- 30 tooth and groove cuts (30 planks);

- 15 curve cut (15 planks).


That translates to 100 planks. You may also track your progress in the interface in the top left corner.


4. Finishing your job


Once you have completed your job, simply right click on the Overseer to claim your rewards.




Hope you enjoy the guide and good luck on lumberjack set :)


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Crystal saw from skilling shop also increases xp gained.

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Nice and simple guide, helpful to players :D perfect

p.s.   ::yell Selling inferno cape services - thread 475

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