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There are no particular requirements in order to join. 


Follow Onyx's server and forum rules.
Respect all clan members and players impartially, banter is allowed.
Do not trash talk other clans or post negative comments on their topics in the forums.
Before making any irrational choices contact me via forums @Blunts or in-game.
No racism or sexism of any kind is tolerated.
Do not kill fellow clan members in the wilderness.
Ability to cooperate and share accordingly with clan, at clan events.

Failure to abide by clan or server rules will be handled accordingly.




Newcomers receive the rank of recruit upon joining the clan. Promotions are handled by @Grimm and @Blunts.
Qualities that we look for to be eligible for promotions:


Loyalty to the clan
Show leadership, kindness, and is helpful to others
Attends Clan events 



If you would like to join contact @Blunts in-game for an invitation 

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