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[Game/Forums] Event Suggestions

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Event Suggestions

Down below I have listed and explained a couple of events I would personally love to see in the game and on the forums. If you feel like you have any ideas, feel free to post them down below and I will include them in this thread. Thank you all in advance, and I hope you have enjoy reading!



Everyone has two weeks to come up with the best outfit they can think of and then post it on forums. Participants may enter up to three entries, and the winner will recieve an exclusive and rotating decorative item. So there will be a total of four items, which will be rotated as rewards. For example first time reward is a cane, second time the reward is a burning skull, third time it is an auspicious katana and fourth time it is a quest cape. After that the reward is cane -> skull -> etc again. The items I mentioned are just examples to give you a hint. Will obviously be a more balanced pick by staff members.



Players have a month to take some of the best screenshots they can take of Onyx. The winners will have their images featured on the Advertisment Threads and will also recieve additional rewards in form of money, lamps and other currencies.


Member of the Month

MOTM also known as Member of the Month is an event that is always occuring. Every month the community will have the option to vote for the best member of the Onyx community. The staff will also be able to vote. Winner will be getting reputation on forums, fame and glory and will be showcased on the forums over the discord widget.

Similiar event can also be made for Donator of the Month and Voted of the Month


Skilling Showdown

In this event players have a limited amount of time to get a skilling pet. The first person to get the pet after the event begins will win a mystery pet box and a premium mystery box.


Ironman Money Maker

Everyone creates a new ironman account and have 24h to gather as much gold as they can. When the time is up, the player with most gold on their account withs. Items do not count, only pure gold counts in this event.


Death Race

All players have start at the Edgeville ditch and have to run around the Wilderness in order to find a staff member. The staff member will be wearing some fancy loot so the first player to defeat the staff member will be victorious. The staff member will be able to run around and teleport around the Wilderness using Ancient Magics. To chase the staff member, or kill other participators? The choice is up to you.

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Guest Kratos

I definitely like the skilling showdown ;) I wish anyone luck if they have to compete against me haha!

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