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Guideman Dan

Lizardman Shaman Guide

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(dungeons and pvm locations)


High melee and or range levels are recommended. Poison purge is extremely useful because you can heal yourself based on the damage you receive.


(void melee setup)

(void ranged setup)

Based on preference, you may opt for better and more powerful gear such as Bandos, an Amulet of Torture, a Ring of Wealth. A stab weapon is also favorable; the CLS provides high bonuses in both stab and slash; rapier would be optimal in killing the lizardman shamans. 

In OSRS you would use Shayzien armor but I don't know how to get that or it isn't coded.



The lizardman has 3 special attacks that you need to be wary of; 

The spawns (they seem to be the most common)


They can be avoided by moving around. However you can soulsplit through the damage and the spawns by themselves will never kill you. The damage can be dodged completely if you stop damaging the boss and run around (easy with mage)



The jump attack may easily be avoided by standing next to a wall and using ranged. (he does not use the attack if a. you are not near him or b. you are wallhugging)

Even then it is easy to dodge by simply moving. The jump can hit you for anywhere between 100 and 600 in my experience.

Poison Splat


The poison splat is easily avoided. it is a slow projectile that you can easily telegraph and move. It splatters once it hits the ground and if you are hit you will be poisoned and receive an initial hit of around 200. The initial hit will not be absorbed by poison purge; the following ticks will be.

Good luck on receiving that dragon warhammer!



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You're stepping up your game demarcnan, nice guide. Would still want to see more ironman friendly guides too showing the location of the shamans and how to get there. 


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