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Tormented Demons Guide

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Tormented Demons Guide


This guide assumes that you have all the recommended gear or better, but will also give multiple instances of how to gear your character. this guide also assumes that you have an Archlight.




Recommended stats:


75+ Attack

80+ Strength

75+ Defence

75+  Ranged

43+  Prayer


Recommended Gear:

- Full slayer helm(if on task) > Helm of Neitiznot

- Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory > Amulet of Power

- Royal d'hide top > Karils top > Black d'hide top

- Royal d'hide chaps > Karils skirt > Black d'hide chaps

- Avas Assembler > Kiln Cape > Fire Cape

- Barrows gloves

- Prim boots > Dragon boots

- Berserker ring > Ring of wealth



It is strongly encouraged to bring Arclight, this tutorial is going to assume that you have Arclight as a weapon.


Decent setup example:


If on a budget, royal d'hide can be replaced for black d'hide or karils.


What to bring:

 - Unicorn familiar (for healing)

 - Healing aura scrolls

 - Super set (or overload)

 - Range pot (not needed if overload is brought)

 - 2-3 prayer pots (you can decrease this amount in favor of more food)

 - Toxic blowpipe (can be traded out with a crossbow rune or better. If doing this, bring broad bolts)

 - The rest should be a mix between karambwan and a high level healing food (mantas, sharks, rocks, etc..)


Decent inventory setup example:



How to get there:


 - If you are a donor, the easiest way to get there is to type ::tp > Dungeons and PVM locations > third page under Corp.

Normal players:

 - If you are not a donor the easiest way to get there is type ::home > Blue portal > Dungeons and PVM locations > third page under Corp


The fight:

Once you teleport to the tormented demons dungeon, you will be in an old caverny looking place, run south and stand behind the first pillar:


From here you can go ahead and pot up, heal yourself, do whatever you need to do to get ready for the fight. First thing you're going to want to do is pray mage and lure the TD (Tormented Demon) towards you one at a time. Keep in mind this is a multi-combat area, meaning more than one will attack you at once. So first things first, equip your range weapon, hit the demon, and lure him back away from the others, stand next to the first rock on the way back so that you can have enough distance between you two and the other demon:


For the first few attacks the demon will have a shield up. So once he has been lured, go ahead and pull out your Arclight to get the shield down:


Once the shield is down you're going to want to switch from mage protect to melee protect:


At this point it will be just bouncing back and forth between range and melee attacks. When you notice that he has the range prayer up use melee, and vice versa. The games ticks seems to have an area on the TD's once the switch prayer. I would highly suggest hitting once more after they have switched prayer, it seems to have a decent effect on them during the switches. For example, lets say they switch to range from melee, while you are ranging them. Hit once more hit on the TD with range, it should be a decent hit and then switch to melee. If you've done everything right, you should kill the TD pretty easily.


It is important to note that TD's use all three attack styles. They will use range and mage from a distance, and melee and mage up close. It is recommended to stay up close to them if you're going to solo them and to pray melee, they will hit you with mage splash. So when this happens do not panic, eat your food, and heal with your Unicorn. Watch out for their prayer swaps as well TD's will change from melee protect, to range protect. Be sure to be prepared to swap your attack weapon from melee to range. You should get between 2-5 kills per inventory soloing with this setup. Good luck and have fun.




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