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Wilderness wyrm guide

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Use the best ranged gear you have, this is what I use(it really isn't that hard)


Inventory is just food and prayer potions, use runite bolts when the hitpoints are lower than 1-2k because ruby bolts don't special attack very high and runite have higher accuracy.


The way I kill wilderness wyrm is by the chaos altar, I teleport to edgeville and run north east until this spot in the "forest area"


Investigate the mound on the ground and it will come out of the ground. 


Wilderness wyrm is a lot like jad, stand 3-4 squares away and it can only hit you with ranged or mage, the big fireball is a ranged hit. 


The small fireball is a magic hit. 

The mage hit is very sudden so make sure before every hit always pray protect from magic and if the fireball is big then switch to protect from missiles for a few seconds. Once the fireball has hit you switch back to protect from magic before the next fireball hits you because if the small fireball hits you and you don't already have protect from magic on then you will get hit for a 180+ (18+ for oldschool hitpoints) 

Good luck killing wilderness wyrm and thank you for reading my very first guide ever :D

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Pretty cool guide, it shows the basic things you need along with an example of gear and inventorty setup. I like that you brought up details about the fight itself since many are unaware of how to properly fight the Wildy Wyrm. 

A tip for the next guide would be showing how to get there or just open the world map at the spot so people know the specific location where the boss is located at. Keep them coming man :)

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