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ONYX II UPDATE #26: Easter 2021 Holiday Event, Boots of the Gods, New Cataclysm Staff Spell!

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March 23, 2021


Good day everyone and happy holidays. We are excited to release this years Easter event along with some interesting tweaks to existing items! This event will run starting March 23 through April 13.





While attacking mobs out in the wild, you have a chance to come across an Easter Egg during your adventures.



The Easter Bunny will drop Easter eggs around home that may be collected and traded in for rewards. These rewards include several cosmetic Easter items as well as chocolate bars. Please help the bunny feed his egg addiction!




Every 6 hours, 50 regular Easter eggs will be dropped which may be turned into the bunny. Additionally, "crackable" giant Easter eggs will spawn at a lower rate which will yield higher tier rewards.




The Giant Easter Eggs will randomly assign a skill check when attempting to open. Although having level 99 on the specified skill is beneficial, you will still have a chance of failing this skill check and take little damage as a result.




Corrupted Chicken Set


The Corrupted Chicken outfit features a high bonus of melee/magic offensive bonuses with fairly high defensive bonuses to melee combat styles and ranged.


Corrupted Carrot


The Corrupted Carrot offers high melee crush attack bonuses along with high melee strength and prayer.


Corrupted Eggbringer


The Corrupted Eggbringer uses a custom magic damage formula to auto-cast spells without the need of any runes that deals a maximum of 52 damage without any gear and scaling higher depending on the gear. 


Corrupted Cannon


The Corrupted Cannon is a ranged weapon that will utilize hand cannon shots in order to deal damage to enemies.


Easter Tbow Mk2


Easter Dye obtained from Easter Mystery Baskets may be used on a Tbow MK2 to give it a cosmetic effect. The dye may be removed without destroying it.


Legendary Easter Rapier (u)


Easter Dye may also be used on the Legendary Lightning Rapier (u) to give it a cosmetic effect. The dye may be removed without destroying it.







Similar to Mystery Crates, the Easter Mystery Basket will award one item, cosmetic, and coins as well as award a random chance at a unique Easter item. Evil chicken gear is rolled under the cosmetic category and will continue to be an untradeable cosmetic.





Boots of the Gods are now added as the new best in slot boots in the game. Similar to infinity jewelry, Players may combine some of the best boots available + an upgrade gem in order to craft this item.




Metamorph Color Variants




The Boots of the Gods have an option to change their color matching some of our best in slot gear that is currently available leaving behind a trail as you run.


Items needed in order to craft a pair of Boots of the Gods include:


Steadfast Boots

Glaiven Boots

Ragefire Boots

Primordial Boots

Eternal Boots

Pegasian Boots

Guardian Boots

Any ONE pair of Nex Boots (Torva, Pernix, or Virtus)

One Upgrade Gem








The Cataclysm Staff has now been given a respectable auto-cast animation which resembles a form of Armadyl God-like magic. Additionally, this item is now purchasable in the web store.


I hope you enjoy this update as much as we did creating it, may you all have a very blessed Easter and may good things come your way. Additionally, I would like to award one Easter Mystery Basket to the first comment to point out the Easter egg in this thread. This reward is only for the elite, silly comments without reason will not win.

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