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SHN's Solo OSRS CoX Walk-Through

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  • Hey all, with the new release of CoX there is a lot to learn.
  • Before the release I was very new to the Chambers.
  • Now several days, a lot of deaths and white lights at the chest, I have quite decent personal record of 36:42 in a solo run.
  • Because of this I got quite some questions on how to do certain rooms in the raid.
  • I thought it would be best to walk you through a decent raid showcased in a video. Or rather 4 videos, 3 floors and an Olm fight.
  • Enjoy!


  • EDIT: Personal tip I used for using the chest is to make a document for yourself and write down which items you will need until next chest or which items you can leave in the chest. Helped me out a lot at the start.
  • EDIT:  Since 20th of January 2021, you now need to run further to each side at olm to let him look at the corners. This makes olm a bit harder, you might need a few more brews (aka maybe bring 4 way switch instead of 6). 


Floor 1:



Rooms: Tekton, Crabs, Ice Demon Shamans + Farming



Floor 2:



Rooms: Venguards, Thieving, Vespula, Tightrope



Floor 3:



Rooms: Guardians, Vasa, Mystics, Mutadile



Final Fight (Outdated):



The Great Olm




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