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The Chambers of Xeric

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The Chambers of Xeric (CoX) has arrived on Onyx.

  • CoX will be action packed, PvM-oriented, and optimized for player experience.
  • This update will introduce game mechanics previously unseen on Onyx.
  • This update will take Onyx in new directions with PvM, competition, and metagame.
  • Furthermore, a CoX Strategy Guide (linked in the Guide Directory) has been released as a companion to the update:




Chambers of Xeric consists of a linear, complete raid with all rooms.

  • CoX has an unchanging order of rooms, listed in the image below.
  • There are two types of rooms in CoX: “Bosses” and “Puzzles”.
  • Management has balanced Onyx CoX to maximize PvM time.
  • Puzzle rooms (Crabs, Ice Demon, Thieving, Tightrope) have been shortened.
  • Olm Prep (usually directly before Olm fight) has been shortened.
  • Let’s dive into some features…









This update opens the door for a new type of PvM: OSRS Mode.


This new feature allows you to make a choice.

  • Do you wish to experience the vanilla CoX?
  • Or do you wish to see the godly equipment of Onyx rip and tear? 
  • OSRS Mode offers higher innate DR, chance at Metamorphic Dust, and Boss Record distinction.
  • Onyx Mode offers the possibility at higher CoX clear speed.






Disclaimer: Don't worry fam — we got you on the math — take a deep breath.


Along with release, a Promotional CoX period begins for both OSRS & Onyx Modes!

  • Firstly: OSRS Mode gets an automatic +0.50 DR so that the two game are ~even in GP/hour.
  • Secondly: CoX DR (helps your purple chances) is capped at 2 and 2.5 for Onyx Mode and OSRS Mode, respectively.
  • Therefore, if your DR (seen in Quest Tab) is 2.0 or higher, the promo cannot raise you further.
  • This measure was put into place to level the playing field and moderate the influx of items to healthy levels.
  • See for yourself: The difference between the gray line and the orange line is what you'd expect with the promo and without.


Midgame players, Rejoice! Lategame players, don't fret.

  • Ex: A Sapphire player with a DR of 1.3 has a CoX DR of ~1.75 (Onyx) and ~2.25 (OSRS) during the promo.
  • Ex: A Zenyte player with a DR of 2.1 has a CoX DR of 2 (Onyx) and 2.5 (OSRS) whether the promo is active or not.
  • This means that, during the promotional, the vast majority of our playerbase has a fighting chance at drops.
  • You can have a rocky raid with multiple deaths and get a purple, so don't be worried about misfortunes along the way.







Unlocking Metagame Prayers:

  • Players will no longer automatically have access to three prayers in the standard prayer book.
  • These prayers are Preserve (level 55), Rigour (level 74), and Augury (level 77).
  • From here forth, these prayers must be unlocked (Torn ~ Preserve, Dex ~ Rigour, and Arcane ~ Augury), prior to use.
  • We understand that this was an oversight early on in Onyx development and players may be upset.
  • However, we are confident that their addition to the metagame will add to the thrill of raiding and expand progression.
  • The Unique Drop Table has been changed so that these prayer scrolls are fairly common.








Gaze upon the Warped Armament of Xeric...


  • Dragonshredder Crossbow: 
  • A student of olde Dragonkin, Xeric crafted a 1-handed bow of unparalleled power vs Draconic creatures.
  • The Dragonshredder Crossbow increases both Ranged accuracy and Ranged damage by 30% against dragons.
  • This crossbow shoots two bolts, the second being halved damage.



  • Dragonhunter Claws:
  • Dipped in the acid of the Great Olm, these claws are perfect for rending your opponent's flesh.
  • The Dragonshredder Claws increases both Melee accuracy and Melee damage by 30% against dragons.



  • Elder Warhammer:
  • Tekton's craftsmanship and metallurgy in the palm of your hand — crush the armor of your enemies!
  • The Elder Warhammer special attack lowers the defence of the target by 35% and depletes 33% special attack.
  • As such, even without the Ring of Vigour, the Elder Warhammer can spec three times in succession.



  • Corrosive Spirit Shield:
  • Sharp crystalline and biting acid magically fused into the ultimate protective shield.
  • This shield, after a brief period, procs Vengeance automatically.
  • In addition, the shield sports some of the best statistics of any shield on Onyx.
  • A fantastic combination of offense and defence.





... and don't forget your friends ...




  • The Olmlet pet has a chance to drop both Onyx & OSRS Mode — a 1/65 chance if a purple is received.
  • The Metamorphic Dust has a chance to drop on OSRS Mode ONLY — a 1/400 chance regardless of rewards.
  • The Olmlet pet can metamorphose into Puppadile.png Puppadile, Tektiny.png Tektiny, Vanguard (pet).png Vanguard, Vasa minirio.png Vasa Minirio, and Vespina.png Vespina.





Thank you for your patience throughout the development of Chambers of Xeric.

We look forward to raiding with you soon!





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January 18, 2021 Fixes


- Increased the magic defece level of Lizardman Shamans
- Fixed a typo with the Imbued Heart
- Tekton may now be attacked when walking towards the anvil
- Lowered the aggression radius of Mystics
- Decreased the cooldown of smashing crabs and increased frequency at which they may be smashed
- Fixed a bug in which the Tekton door would be unpassable if returning to the room after defeating the boss
- Made it so logging off would leave you inside the same tile and not teleport you outside
- Reduced the amount of times Tekton walks back to the anvil
- Stackable items stored inside the storage chest will now consume only one slot
- Vanguards now wait to walk until the current attack is completed
- Fixed an issue which casued Vanguards and Vasa to not drop items upon death
- Increased the speed on the olm combat orbs
- Fixed a bug in which Olm would register attacks towards a player that was recently killed
- Fixed a delay issue with Olm Crystal Mark attack
- Olm ceiling crystals will now begin at the start of the head phase and not phase 3
- Moved the party points interface overlay down as to not coincide with the targets hp bar
- Fixed big Mutadile fire ball attack to hit multiple people while inside the water
- Mutadiles are no longer to be attacked while outside the tendrils
- Fixed the offensive ranged stats of mutadiles to be more accurate
- Praying melee against scavs will now reduce all damage taken to 0
- Changed seed drops to uncommon instead of always
- Reduced tekons defence by 15% 
- Tekton will now prioritize aggro on the person closest to the anvil
- Using a regular hammer,Statius Warhammer, or any of the Custom Hammer Weapons on crabs will now be able to stun it while selecting the "smash" option
- Fixed points given by Ice Demons
- Increased all seed yields gained from raking
- Added a few seeds to the scav drop table
- Fixed a bug which did not allow players to equip their Comp Cape
- Removed screen shaking from olm during phase 3 while the hands are alive, this will only occur during the final phase
- Fixed the quantities required for creating/upgrading the storage chest
- Removed a debug from olm which displayed when restoring hp (this was done for beta testing and now removed)
- Increased the stun duration on crabs 
- Decreased Mystics range defence by 10% and increased damage taken by 5% if the attacking player is wearing a Salve Amulet
- Decreased the hp of crystals during the Vasa fight
- Fixed the damage dealt by the falling crystals during the Olm fight
- Made the raid interface collapse after leaving or finishing a raid
- Fixed the olm spike attack to deal damage
- Fixed the olm crystal bombs to blow up and deal damage correctly
- Fixed healing pools spawned from olm
- Fixed a bug which allowed you to attack olm from outside the door
- Fixed points gained from olm to be more accurate
- Attacking the head with melee has now been disabled
- Fixed a scaling issue with Ice demons HP
- Fixed a visual bug which displayed the incorect HP of Ice Demon
- Fixed a bug which would award multiple kc for osrs mode
- Dieing while on Onyx Mode will no longer bring you to the start of the raid
- Fixed hp scaling for both of olms hands
- Increased the frequency of secondaries obtained while killing Scavs
- Revamped Olm scaling when raiding with 5+ players to be more accurate
- Fixed a bug where exp could be gained from agility obstacles
- Fixed a bug where drops would only reward one item sometimes
- Added new admin commands to make chambers mass events much more fun when attempting to raid with a large group!

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  • Twisted bows are now powerful against Skeletal mystics within Chambers of Xeric.
  • Vanguards attack distance has been lowered.
  • Vanguards magic and ranged attacks have been rewritten to reflect OSRS.
  • Vanguards will no longer aggress targets greater than 8 tiles away from their current walk rotation position.
  • Twisted bows are now powerful against Great Olm during his final stand.
  • Great Olm's flame walls can now be doused (just left-click douse with water spell runes / humidify)
  • Muttadiles attack distance is now fixed for their melee attacks.
  • Solo players & friends chats will only be able to hold 1 rank at a time on Chambers scoreboard.
  • Players who were teleported by vasa's teleport attack will no longer be affected by trample damage.
  • Untradeable item dropping issue has been patched - in future untradeable items will disappear after 60 seconds.
  • Tekton can now be attacked on his way back to the anvil.
  • Skoll can no longer be a boss task.
  • Typo fixed on imbued heart activation.
  • Skeletal mystic magic defence has been increased.
  • Skeletal mystic agression distance has been reduced.
  • Stunning crabs within chambers of xeric will now reset the stun timer each time they are smashed.
  • Follow dancing mechanics have been tweaked.

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