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Onyx II Update #23: Christmas Event, Bonhttps://onyxftw.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3269-onyx-ii-update-23-christmas-event-bonus-xp-weekends-more/us XP Weekends & More!

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We hope you are all doing well!


  • Over the course of the past month and a half we have been working on system sided client and server work.
  • Along with developing a vast amount of content that we hope to release following this Christmas Event! 
  • Today we bring you our annual Christmas Event in celebration of the Holiday, along with BXP weekends!
  • Featuring a completely new Evil Santa boss, dropping new unique items, mini drop parties, BXP and more!
  • This update offers activities to do while we await next updates release. Check out the patch notes down below!





  • Evil Santa has risen in the Icy Realm with a vengeance -- after hearing of the death of the Evil Snowman from yesteryear.
  • Rounding up all the players of Onyx, Evil Santa challenges any player or group to face his wrath.
  • Appearing every 4 hours to accompany all time zones.
  • Featuring multiple phases, Evil Santa offers a battle against imps, flames, and falling bombs. Watch your step!
  • The boss will roll for a chance to drop the new Christmas items, along with an explosion of presents.
  • These presents will send players on a loot hunt on the south side of the map, within the maze.







  • The Infernal Santa's Set has been introduced as a slightly upgraded variant of the Evil Santa's Set from last year.
  • To make this set, players will have to obtain a Infernal Dye, dropped by the Evil Santa Boss or by Christmas Mystery Boxes.
  • Use them along with any of the Evil Santa Christmas items to upgrade them. 
  • The Infernal Santa Armor has the same stats as the Evil Santa Set, with an additional HP and DPS bonus.
  • This increase in previous gear is similar to its Halloween counterparts -- Grim Reaper's Set.
  • The Infernal Santa's Socking offers improved attack and strength bonuses compared to the Evil Santa's Socking.
  • Along with a Statius Warhammer reduced cost special attack.
  • The Infernal Santa's Reindeer offers improved range attack and strength bonuses compared to the Evil Santa's Reindeer.
  • Offering double shot bolts with a dragon hunter crossbow dmg ability.
  • Note: The second bolt is 50% capped. (This is worse than our MK. II in terms of DPS).
  • The Infernal Santa's Gift offers improved magic accuracy and strength bonuses compared to the Evil Santa's Gift.







  • Slightly lowered the Evil Santa's Warhammer Crush accuracy and minor strength to fit more into game meta.
  • Therefore, the Warhammer should NOT be better than Templar any longer.
  • Added a dmg cap to the second bolt of the Reindeer, to be more suited with our other double shot weapons.
  • No further item adjustments will occur with Holiday items.
  • We wanted them to fit the game without being meta because of their limited quantities.
  • We hate making changes, but the past years work was unacceptable.
  • The only other adjustment needed is the Eggbringer from Easter.
  • From now on, all Holiday items will be recycled and rethemed, keeping these statistics so long as they are not game breaking.







  • Similar to last year, we are reintroducing the limited time Christmas Mystery Box with some additional reward possibilities.
  • They are also rethemed to better fit the holiday.
  • The first roll grants the player an amount of GP or Blood Money.
  • The second roll grants the player a piece of PvM Gear:
  • Meaning: GWD Gear, Enhanced Super Mystery box loot, with a rare possibility of obtaining Evil Santa's Weaponry.
  • The 3rd roll grants the player a Christmas cosmetic with a chance of rewarding:
  • Party Hats, Evil Santa pieces, or an Infernal Cracker!
  • These boxes now have a rare chance of rolling the new Infernal Santa's Items without the need of any pre-requisite items. 





  • In celebration of the holidays and the grind, the management team has decided to host two back to back, BXP Weekends!
  • Bonus XP will be offered from December 19th till the 21st, as well as December 25th to the 27th. 
  • Grind on Fam! Best of Luck and have a great holiday!





Have a Merry Christmas!

Big updates are underway, stay tuned!


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