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ext stoner

events of the week nov 30th - dec 6th.

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Hey guys!

Here are this weeks events!

image.png.34857cb299beb1759e04346343109673.png   1st Event   2nd Event   3rd Event   4th Event
Date   Time Event Host   Time Event Host   Time Event Host   Time Event Host
Mon, Nov 30  


Corp Mass stoner   4 PM EST Armadyl mass Nash   5 PM EST Pest Control Monk        
Tue, Dec 1   6 AM EST Bandos Mass SHN   3 PM EST Sara Mass Stoner   4 PM EST Bandos mass Nash   5 PM EST Pk Tournaments Monk
Wed, Dec 2   3 PM EST Nex Mass Stoner   5 PM EST Stealing Creations  Monk   9 PM EST Nightmare Madoc        
Thu, Dec 3   3 PM EST Demonic Gorillas Stoner   5 PM EST Pest Control Monk                
Fri, Dec 4   3 PM EST Boss Bonanza Monk   4 PM EST Callus mass Nash                
Sat, Dec 5   7 PM EST Flower Poker Tournamemt Monk   9 PM EST Demon Gorillas Madoc   10 PM EST Corp mass Madoc        
Sun, Dec 6   3 PM EST Nightmare Mass Stoner   5 PM EST Corp mass  Jacob                

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