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Onyx II Update #22.1: Halloween Ends, New World Boss Map, Hotfixes, Quality of Life Updates

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  • Hello everyone, our team hopes that you have all been well during these strange times.
  • Halloween has ended and we would like to launch a small update with bugfixes and QoL in mind.
  • This update is short and sweet — as a far, far greater project is taking shape.
  • Management is aware that our adventurers thirst for battle. It is coming.


  • Know that the next update is unprecedented on Onyx RSPS.
  • New content, new mechanics, new bragging rights — need we say more? — are under construction.
  • Our work will combine everything that we have learned into one colossal release.
  • We thank you for your patience during crunch.






  • As Halloween comes to a close, so does the legacy Onyx Boss map.
  • King Zio commissioned this arena be built to his own design.
  • As such, players will teleport to a grand new fiery arena with ::onyxboss.




  1. Great Edgeville (::home) has been reverted to its original theme.
  2. Removed Halloween Boss. It will rise again in 2021.
  3. Damage for the Hallowed Fang special attack is now capped at 80.
  4. Fixed most cases of taking damage while teleporting away*. Please continue to report bugs as you see them.
  5. Imbued Heart has been adjusted to properly display. Please continue to report bugs as you see them.
  6. Examining a drop table will no longer be closed if in combat (drops interface is persistent).
  7. Fixed previous teleports (::prev) not working with commands.
  8. Added ::qbd, ::kbd, ::tob as teleport commands.
  9. Added Callus items to legacy drop announcement system
  10. Drops from Superior Slayer Monsters will now be collected by the Looter's Amulet.
  11. Night Beasts are now targetable (attack-able) in Kuradel's Dungeon.
  12. Falconry teleport on the teleport interface has now been fixed.
  13. Congrats to Luckyy on 'Lucky's Balloon Boi' pet!
  14. Congrats to Bigzy on 'Flowers' pet!



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