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Onyx II Update #20: Mimic Boss, Callus Improvements, Superior Slayer Revamp, Prifddinas Agility Course and More!

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Callus the Frostbourne




  • Simplex, the vengeful God that He is, has enjoyed Callus' daily eradication of the local populace.
  • He does pity the would-be mages of Onyx, rushing to Callus for fortune and glory — only to freeze solid.
  • In a rare gesture of kindness, He has made his champion more suitable for the common man.


Callus_Short.gif.ccbe72aff37679003b281d22d027b0cb.gif     Callus_Short_V2.gif.d0204c46f404215cef1ccc89e3a68ba8.gif


  • Callus' drops will be more rewarding in quality and frequency.
  • Callus' minions will summon less frequently, as seen in the left snip-it.
  • Callus' lair will extinguish light sources less frequently, as seen in the right snip-it.






  • MVP designation now scales by party size. 
  • Note: 3 is the Maximum MVP's awarded in a Callus instance.
  • Soulgazer Comment: Solo's, Duo's, and 4-Man teams: 50%+ of participating players get MVP.





 Introducing the Mimic Boss!




  • Introducing The Mimic, a favorite diversion among OSRS players.
  • The boss mechanics will work exactly like OSRS, but with another way to access it.
  • You have a chance to face The Mimic by completing hard and elite clues, a higher chance for the latter. 
  • Mimic will be available twice a day via voting (use ::vote command). Said a different way, once every 12 hours.
  • The Mimic will reward players with Vote Tickets and GP always, a WIDE array of skilling supplies, and maybe even a pet!
  • The drop table is below. Click on the image to enlarge it. 



 Mimic Drop Table








Donation Boxes & Crates

(available from Shop on the Homepage)





  • This chart reflects the now-live status of Boxes/Crates across Onyx.
  • Millionaire's/Super/God Boxes have NOT been changed. Pet Mystery Boxes have been removed.
  • The Mystery Crate gets 3 total rolls, with enhancements for Super Box/God Box rolls.





  Prifddinas Agility Course




  • We have added a new agility course in in the elven city of Prifddinas (use ::prifddinas to access).
  • This course is meant as an alternative to the Wilderness course.
  • This course will now award Crystal Shards.





Slayer Caskets




  • We are adding Slayer Caskets, which will be a random drop received by Slayer monsters during tasks.
  • There will be four variants, depending on tier of the slayer task. 
  • In general, the higher combat level of the Slayer monster, the higher the tier casket will be a possible reward.
  • We intend on the drop rate of these caskets to be ~1/70.


Other Slayer Changes


Turael.png     Slayer_NPC.png.ba497bbe7f83206038e0f3f431f86637.png


  • Turadel Reassignment: If you do not wish to finish your slayer task, you can reset BOTH your task and your streak at Turadel.
  • WARNING: Doing this loses your streak! And you must then complete this task.
  • Moved boss slayer to its own NPC. Boss slayer tasks will now reward slayer points at a better rate.
  • Players can gamble their Fire Cape and Infernal Cape for a chance at the respective pets.
  • Skipping a task now works more accurately.








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