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TOB Learner Raids: Rules, Sign-Up, & Dates!

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Next Learner Raid

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Signed Up: TBA







  • I will be hosting learner raids as often as I can.
  • The times will be announced here and on Discord.
  • This guide is meant to show you how to participate.
  • As mentioned later, my Discord handle is SHN#2779.






Things You'll Need

  • 772734343_meleerender.png.5e988e8c880324e3051b55eef626382d.png95+, 284282104_strrender.png.2e9fe63d84fa40626d183639e1b87674.png95+, 2029709970_defrender.png.c5d6d7eac661d936c751ae2775cf7130.png95+, range_render.png95+, 348898118_magerender.png.d0815e98cc54dec7c2bc1e81aa5953da.png95+, 1427516277_hprender.png.5426239f6e1b411feb1af27436af9758.png95+, 707079761_prayrender.png.ffc122deddf60fa481cc4cc04d0ef711.png77+ 
  • 1694559460_lawrender.png.07e8396ff05e91d64e52f2dd80d83bb6.png  Just the Basics: Prayer Switching & Attack Styles
  • 1827121817_arrowrender.png.f4c5f34fa7db1eff081151330759f7b4.png Just the Basics: Awareness of Boss Attacks & Moving accordingly
  • 246518420_mouserender.png.f17a76ff77052ce72be99aed62b72519.png / 1979473774_monitorrender.png.9d509ebbc6f0f25e2010e384bd47b2a6.png  Using a Mouse & Re-Sizeable Mode is HIGHLY recommended for the two above.
  • Ability to listen to instructions through Discord Voice Chat, a mic is not required.


This is my Onyx TOB Guide, if needed to reference.



Gear Setups



Recommended Setup



Most Important Items

  • 84713512_tentrender.png.3a760ce8fef44e4ae88ec432ceb33836.png    Abyssal Tentacle (20-25m)
  • 723573896_ccbrender.png.595f09109378b2e6502a285af0bd8a37.png    Chaotic Crossbow (Free)
  • 324835993_polyrender.png.94853284c92c0d07493ad585a8c27f46.png    Polypore Staff (30-40m)
  • 1545416384_voidrender.png.2a3a3d86d030da1b27f2f62b0e8cba21.png    Elite Void Set + Deflector (Free)
  • 2002546275_swiftrender.png.7e3e10129caa64b18b08e1ea75cc0406.png    Swift Gloves (Free)
  • 934099307_salverender.png.c331ccf4a11857411aa28749e870087c.png    Salve Amulet (ei)  (1-5m)



  • 723573896_ccbrender.png.595f09109378b2e6502a285af0bd8a37.png     Chaotic Crossbow  ⟷  1642456968_acbiconrender.png.f0586c6671e69d483c316f1a75bda0a4.png Armadyl Crossbow
  • 324835993_polyrender.png.94853284c92c0d07493ad585a8c27f46.png      Polypore Staff  ⟷  swamp render.png Trident of the Swamp
  • 690899769_notrender.png.1c784735fdbc6f91a32c2ab88c3828c9.png     Non-charged staves are NOT RECOMMENDED, they have a slow first attack!
  • 1266193935_checkrender.png.be0c80009e08b0c60bb23d1f0e4b62d1.png     PM me on discord (SHN#2779) if you have any questions!


Easy/Cheap Upgrades

  • 1043354765_craprender.png.fef36fdb46f0dfcb3c9585af8703b3c3.png    Chaotic Rapier  ⟷  84713512_tentrender.png.3a760ce8fef44e4ae88ec432ceb33836.pngAbyssal Tentacle
  • 1093211061_vamprender.png.fd0f443718f65d14bd3def57f4fc564d.png     Vampyrism Aura
  • 1905196686_assemblerrender.png.77ab74dc2ab7f255b6d178e112337524.png      Ava's Assembler  ⟷  528619449_alerterrender.png.4109d4f4a481706e4ebb9ccee2307dc9.pngAva's Alerter
  • 690899769_notrender.png.1c784735fdbc6f91a32c2ab88c3828c9.png     Other gear than 1545416384_voidrender.png.2a3a3d86d030da1b27f2f62b0e8cba21.png Elite Void is NOT RECOMMENDED for learners



Signing Up



Firstly, the Rules:

  • Team Format: 1 Mentor can take 1-2 Learners; 2 Mentors can take 2-3 Learners.
  • Ranks: Learner: 0-10 TOB KC; Advanced: 10-50 TOB KC; Mentor: 50+ TOB KC
  • To be a Mentor, you must apply to SHN#2779 on Discord.


  • To sign up for a Learner Raid event you use the format shown below (copy/paste the purple text below).
  • This format must be filled in and send to me on discord (SHN#2779).
  • I will then add you to the list for that event.
  • All screenshots must be clear (Snipping Tool/Gyazo).


Learner Raid Application:

  • IGN: 
  • Screenshot of gear: 
  • Screenshot of stats:





See YOU in The Theatre!



Edited by SHN

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