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So, I had this idea.. where you can prestige!

This would be an NPC that you speak to after maxing, He will prompt you with valueables for prestiging such as spiritshields, gear, etc etc.. (no junk  like a bucket)
Doing this will reset all your stats and you'll start over
(only able to prestige when All farm plots are empty, All items unequipped & summoning familiar dismissed [so you can't have magic trees on farmplots to gain instant farming levels])
Dungeoneering items stay bound ofcourse, thats just dumb not havin !

This will give people a new high-score to chase, Ironmen can attempt to get loot like from TOB through prestige.
And people whom might be " Bored " will have more stuff to do!

Perhaps each prestige gives an increase in exp orr..loot %? Or something.
Let me know what you think!

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I believe prestige could be a neat system, however it would not be rewarding of items such as spirit shields, otherwise it devalues the respective boss to obtain those items. However, I do like the potential idea of a prestige which unlocks a bit of a bonus drop rate boost or something along those lines.

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