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Zulrah Guide (Welfare)

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  • Zulrah is a combat level 725 solo-only snake boss.
  • Players can only harm it with Ranged or Magic.
  • Zulrah is an exceptionally good boss to farm, due to its skilling supplies and unique drops.


  • Unlike on OSRS (4 rotations), Zulrah only has 2 rotations on Onyx.
  • Vengeance (lunar spell) is optional, yet effective. 






  • Magic 80+ Magic
  • Ranged 80+ Ranged
  • Defence 70+ Defence
  • Hitpoints 80+ Constitution
  • Prayer 77+ ( Eagle_Eye.png.2ffb69e3303930ab179acfb6e211b867.png Rigour & Augury.png.a00f41249b473784dd78c84f87e986a1.png Augury )








  • Unlike OSRS, no Fairy Rings are needed!
  • Just type ::zulrah and you arrive at the Blue square
  • Simply left click "Board Sacrificial Boat" on the Red object.
  • You will then arrive on in the Zulrah "boss room" (U-shaped).







  • These gear setups are NOT the only setups that would work on Zulrah.
  • IE: Armadyl is an option too, but I focussed on the cheaper, more accessible gear setups.
  • These loadouts were chosen due to their ease (think: Welfare Gear) of access on Onyx.
  • Between the two styles, ranged is preferred, but magic works.
  • Note: You need all 4 required void pieces equipped for the set effect to work.
  • Besides this, the tome of fire is only to be used together with fire spells.


Ranged Setups






  • Optional would be the use of either "Penance" aura, "Vampyrism" aura or the "Poison Purge" aura. 
  • I prefer using the poison purge aura, since you wouldn't have to use any kind of antipoison.
  • Instead of damaging you, the poison would heal you.
  • In this inventory setup, I added Vengeance.png.c9deebd8222cc2ba4b73c270403b6a39.png vengeance runes for the lunar spell "Vengeance".
  • This is not required at all.
  • I personally never use vengeance at Zulrah, but I added them since other players were recommended to use them.



Magic Setups




  1. If using fire surge.
  2. If using the built-in Iban's blast spell.



  • Optional would be the use of either "Penance" aura, "Vampyrism" aura or the "Poison Purge" aura. 
  • I prefer using the poison purge aura, since you wouldn't have to use any kind of antipoison.
  • Instead of damaging you, the poison would heal you.
  • Vampyrism aura heals you by 2.5% of the damage dealt.
  • Penance enables the player to gain prayer points equal to 5% of any damage they receive.
  • Depending on which magic weapon you decide to use, runes may not be required.
  • When using a polypore staff or a trident of the swamp for example, you do not need any.
  • Those staves have their own spell built-in.
  • When using another weapon, I'd suggest checking which runes you need for yourself by...
  • Hover your cursor over a spell in the spellbook.
  • In the attached inventory screenshot, I added the required runes for the "Fire Surge" spell.
  • There are tons of spells and required rune combinations, so this may be different for you.
  • Which might come in handy is a rune pouch: Rune_pouch.png.edda79019f93c6e5b742cb05cd3d3b24.png
  • This item can either be obtained for free by completing all the easy tasks, listed in your quest tab.










50px-Zulrah_(serpentine).png.8cc9fcbb76d2ad522e475bfe8a10edd1.png   Ranged  50px-Zulrah_(serpentine).png.8cc9fcbb76d2ad522e475bfe8a10edd1.png

  • During Zulrah's ranged form (aka "Serpentine" form), Zulrah will attack the player with ranged.
  • However, during it's "Jad" phase, Zulrah will alternate between ranged and magic attacks.


50px-Zulrah_(magma).png.4063ba800d0c30ae8a901b566611adf8.png    Melee   50px-Zulrah_(magma).png.4063ba800d0c30ae8a901b566611adf8.png

  • During Zulrah's melee form (aka "Magma" form), Zulrah will solely attack with melee attacks.
  • Even though it is her melee phase, the attack CANNOT be avoided by using the "Protect from Melee" prayer.
  • At start of this phase, Zulrah will stare at the player , while swinging her tail, before landing a typeless hit on the player.
  • The only way this can be avoided is by keeping at least 1 tile distance between Zulrah and the player.
  • Rule of Thumb: Stand as far away from Zulrah (on the opposite "wall") and you'll be unhurt.


50px-Zulrah_(tanzanite).png.e98fd71d3f804faf3b01001e6f99944c.png   Magic  50px-Zulrah_(tanzanite).png.e98fd71d3f804faf3b01001e6f99944c.png

  • During Zulrah's magic form (aka "Tanzanite" form), Zulrah mainly attacks with magic.
  • There is 1 rotation in which Zulrah's third attack is a ranged attack.
  • You should always switch to the "Protect from Missiles" prayer after Zulrah's second hit during her first magic phase.


Zulrah's Snakelings




  • During the fight, Zulrah may summon small snakelings to aid her during the fight.
  • She will shoot white orbs when Zulrah does this, as seen in the gif below.   



  • Even though their combat level is surprisingly high, they only have 1hp.
  • This makes the use of a  "ring of recoil" highly recommended. 
  • Snakelings will die after 40 seconds of lingering.



Venom Clouds



  • During the fight, Zulrah will summon venom clouds.
  • She will shoot green orbs when she does this. (See the gif below.)
  • If a player stands within a cloud's 2x2 radius, they will be dealt varying damage per tick which can add up quickly.
  • Make sure to stand on the right spots (will be shown later).
  • Some phases might force the player to run through the clouds.
  • Make sure to position yourself accordingly per phase in order to minimize damage.
  • Even though these clouds are being called "Venom" clouds, they don't actually poison the player.
  • If you have to choose between standing within a cloud's 2x2 radius and zulrah's melee attack, choose clouds.




Rotations (The Fight)



  • As stated before, there are only 2 phase rotations possible at Zulrah compared to the 4 on Oldschool Runescape.
  • During the Jad phases, I *HIGHLY* recommend you to keep Protect from Missiles on as your main prayer.
  • Then switch to protect from magic when you see her "fireball" attack.
  • I say this because you have more time to switch to protect from magic compared to protect from missiles.
  • Always switch back to protect from missiles during the Jad phases.
  • You can ignore snakelings if you're wearing a ring of recoil.
  • These are very cheap rings, either made by enchanting a sapphire ring or by purchasing one from the gear guide at ::shops.






side note: Rotation Guide might help. Remember Onyx only has rotations 1 and 2.






                              Magic_fang_detail.png.bc41366c862ddad4f00982bb4eea8038.png     507499770_Serpentine_helm_28uncharged29_detail.png.8bd3b0395ba034be543fe22a1297f93a.png   255px-Toxic_blowpipe_(empty)_detail.png.e7e71e06aec0926c35c5d1486d490661.png


Magic fang






  • At the time of writing, one cannot safely remove the fang after being attached.
  • The only way to get it removed is by contacting an admin.
  • Trying to remove it yourself would result in the magic fang getting destroyed.



Uncharged Toxic Trident



Magic_fang.png.ee53bf8c3ce93eadc90c276a371fdb23.png   +   Trident_of_the_seas.png.fc584bcdcd2585e15533e9bd6dff218c.png   =   Uncharged_toxic_trident.png.ac76eb91e1cbdd5d9515c27597663837.png


  • The trident of the swamp (or uncharged toxic trident when uncharged) is a powered staff requiring 75 Magic to wield.
  • It is made by using a magic fang on an uncharged trident of the seas with a chisel, requiring 59 Crafting to do so.
  • Unlike its predecessor, it is only tradeable when uncharged.
  • The staff has a built-in magic spell that can be used regardless of the spellbook the player is using.
  • The built-in magic spell offers an attack-speed of 3-ticks opposed to 4-ticks when using other spells.
  • In addition, the spell possesses a passive effect in which successful hits have a 25% chance of inflicting venom.
  • If the player is wearing a serpentine helm, the chance is increased to 100% if the target is a monster.





Toxic Staff of the Dead 



 Magic_fang.png.ee53bf8c3ce93eadc90c276a371fdb23.png   +   Staff_of_the_dead.png.293bbe039c798e092b3edcea9e844f0b.png  =   Toxic_staff_(uncharged).png.e8fbcf4cb99b8c672420c56c59990b1f.png 


  • The toxic staff of the dead is a bladed staff made by using a magic fang on a staff of the dead, requiring 59 Crafting. 
  • It also requires 75 Attack and 75 Magic to wield.
  • Aside from increased stats, the toxic staff shares the same features as the regular staff of the dead...
  • With one extra benefit: players using combat spells when wielding the staff have a 25% chance of inflicting venom. 
  • If the opponent is an NPC and the serpentine helm is worn in conjunction, there is a 100% chance of envenoming them.





Serpentine visage



Chisel.png  +   Serpentine visage.png   =   Serpentine helm (uncharged).png


  • Use a chisel (purchasable from the skilling guide at ::shops) on a Serpentine visage.
  • This process requires level 52 in the fletching skill.
  • The helmet requires 75 Defence to wear.
  • Its defensive bonuses are comparable to those of the Barrows helmets, without the prayer bonus that Verac's helm offers.
  • It has the second-highest strength bonus of all non-custom osrs helmets.
  • The helmet is charged with zulrah's scales, requiring 11,000 scales to fully charge it.
  • The serpentine helm provides two passive effects:
    - When equipped, the helmet will grant immunity to venom and poison.
    - The opponent has a chance to be inflicted with venom for every hit the player does, provided that they are not immune to it.
  • This effect only works against PvM encounters and not against other players (in PvP).


 Tanzanite Fang



Chisel.png + Tanzanite fang.png = Toxic blowpipe (empty).png


  • Use a chisel (purchaseable from the skilling guide at ::shops) on a tanzanite fang in order to make a toxic blowpipe (empty).
  • This process requires level 53 in the fletching skill.
  • The toxic blowpipe is a two-handed ranged weapon that requires 75 Ranged to wield.
  • When using the toxic blowpipe, there is a 25% chance of inflicting venom on the target.
  • If the opponent is NPC and the serpentine helm is worn together with the blowpipe, there is a 100% chance of envenoming.
  • The toxic blowpipe's attack speed varies; in PvM encounters, its attack speed is 3, equal to darts.
  • During PvP combat, it's attack speed is 4, or equal to a shortbow.
  • In addition, its attack range is +2 higher than that of throwing darts, at 5 by default.
  • Longrange increases attack range by 2.
  • The blowpipe is charged using zulrah scales, it cannot be wielded without the scales.
  • Besides scales, the weapon needs to be loaded with unpoisoned darts.
  • It can hold a maximum of 16,383 darts and 16,383 zulrah scales.
  • On Onyx, it is possible to upgrade the toxic blowpipe to an infernal blowpipe.
  • Players can either try their luck at an upgrade chest, offering 18% chance.
  • If the player fails, the blowpipe would be destroyed. 








P.S: I would like to thank everyone that helped me write this guide.

  • Thanks to Soulgazer for helping me with the layout and formatting.
  • Thanks to the Staff Team for advice in writing this.
  • And, of course! ~ Thanks to YOU, the players; otherwise, I wouldn't have found the motivation!


You guys are great!!


O yeah, shoutout to Trash bin, not forgetting you ;)


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