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Zalcano Guide

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Zalcano is a Skilling Boss

  • You must use your Mining, Smithing, and Runecrafting Skills to defeat this boss!
  • Therefore: You DO NOT need combat stats to kill Zalcano! (Only HP to survive!)


Her Vulnerabilities

  • Zalcano is vulnerable to Imbued Tephra when Armored (acquired from Mine/Smith/RC or Golems)
  • Zalcano is vulnerable to your Pickaxe when her Armor is depleted.
  • Using the Best Pickaxe you have is equivalent to using, say, your best melee weapon in most combat.
  • All this will be explained in Tactics, below.






  • Type ::zalcano in game
  • The boss could be just previously slain (so no NPC in the room), so give her ~20 seconds to spawn.
  • Zalcano has broken in the past on Onyx, if no NPC in 1 minute, contact Staff if this has been unreported.






MUST Have's

  • 70 Mining is a MUST
  • 70 Smithing is a MUST


  • A Rune/Dragon Pickaxe (if going for Crystal Pickaxe) is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


COULD Have's

  • High RC (~70) is recommended, see this quote from Zalcano OSRS wiki:
  • "Damage dealt with imbued tephra now scales to the player's Smithing and Runecraft levels."






Fight Overview



The Fight alternates between Armored and Unarmored Phases


Zalcano Armor UP



First Imbued Tephra's

Mine Tephra → Smith Refined Tephra → Runecraft Imbued Tephra



  • Mine Tephra: This is done at one of the four "Rock Formations" that is lit up RED.
  • Smith Refined Tephra: This is done at the Furnace on the EAST wall.
  • Runecraft Imbued Tephra: This is done at the Altar on the WEST wall.
  • Once you have imbued Tephra, you should aim to be on BLUE symbols and throw the Tephra at Zalcano.
  • Throwing imbued tephra while standing under a blue demonic symbol will increase the player's accuracy and damage.
  • Once Zalcano's armor is broken and she is no longer standing upright, view below.


Later Imbued Tephra's




  • Zalcano will spawn Golems that walk towards her, healing her if they reach her.
  • If you kill these, you can SKIP the entire process above.
  • If you are solo'ing, you ought to kill these Golems instead of using the process above.
  • In a group, if you don't care about chance at loot (say you just want the crystal shards) ...
  • You can coordinate who gets the Golem kills in a group. 
  • Once you have imbued Tephra, you should aim to be on BLUE symbols and throw the Tephra at Zalcano.
  • Throwing imbued tephra while standing under a blue demonic symbol will increase the player's accuracy and damage.
  • Once Zalcano's armor is broken and she is no longer standing upright, view below.



Zalcano Armor DOWN





  • During this phase, the player is to Mine the boss.
  • Having the best Pickaxe you can helps.
  • Stand back when she starts to stand up again.
  • All players can participate in this portion, regardless of whether they have Imbued Tephra or not!



Zalcano Attacks



  • TLDR: Watch for Boulders, watch for Orange Symbols (on ground), kill all Golems she spawns, evade Tephra Rocks when Red Balls incoming, stand back from Zalcano when she revives, and don't worry about the Pebble attacks. IMO when you start: Focus on Boulders & Orange Symbols ONLY.

— Spoiler for Further Breakdown —

  • Boulders: Zalcano will stomp on the ground, causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. These are easily avoided by stepping at least one tile away. Boulders can be easily spotted by watching out for the falling pebbles/dirt, which will be followed by the falling boulder. It is also easy to know which tile they are falling onto by the location of their shadow on the ground. Players who are hit by these can take 40+ damage.
  • ORANGE Symbols: The orange demonic symbols should be avoided, These will damage the player as well as reduce their run energy if they pass through it or stand in it. Damage is dealt constantly if a player stands within it and can result in a quick death if they are not paying attention. On Onyx, being on these for even a tick can hit 30+.
  • Golems: Zalcano will summon a golem in the southern part of the prison. If the golem reaches her, it will restore her armour's health based on the health of the Golem. If the Golem is at full health, it will restore 50 hitpoints towards her armour. It is possible for a player to hurt the golem with the imbued tephra. The golem will also drop 16-24 imbued tephra when killed.
  • RED Balls: Zalcano will fire a red ball of energy at the current glowing red rock formation to deactivate it, changing its location. If a player is standing near the rock formation when this happens, they will take 24+ damage. These can be avoided by walking away from the rock.
  • Shockwave: After Zalcano has fallen and players have caused her damage, she will rise again. If any players are standing next to her while this occurs, she will create a shockwave push them back, causing the player small amounts of damage. All tephra are destroyed as well.
  • Pebbles: Zalcano will randomly hit all players within the prison with a barrage of small pebbles. These are not avoidable, but players will only take a few hitpoints worth of damage.








100% Drops

  • Zalcano drops **Ashes** (if you are the player that does the most damage!)
  • Zalcano drops Zalcano Shard (Reagent used to create a Dragon pickaxe(or)).


Common Drops

  • Zalcano drops lots of Smithing supplies.
  • Click the spoiler for the OSRS smithing drop table (I believe that it is similar on Onyx).



Unique Drops

  • Zalcano drops Crystal Tool Seeds (only source in the game to make Crystal Tools at ::chests).
  • Zalcano drops Crystal Shards (120 required / Crystal Tool made at ::chests).
  • Zalcano drops Smolcano (Zalcano pet).








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