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Saradomin Guide

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Commander Zilyana Guide!

Commander Zilyana - OSRS Wiki




Hope you all are well! Today we’ll be reviewing the basic necessities, recommendations, and tips when it comes to killing the Saradomin God Wars Dungeon boss, Commander Zilyana. Hope you all find it useful and if you have any questions or tips on how I can improve the guides feel free to PM me ingame @Covid19. Thanks and good luck grinding!






  • Commander Zilyana is a combat level 596 boss that has 2550 HP.
  • Zilyana’s notable combat stats consist of 280 attack, 196 strength, 300 defence, 300 magic, and 250 range.
  • When fighting Zilyana you are also fighting her 3 minions - Bree (Ranged), Starlight (Melee), and Growler (Magic).
  • She is also immune to both poison and venom.

Notable Drops: 

XeMg-ZYyQJ2nRFu4gw56tjhg7uBg4hccjGlgG-e4zOp4kH18y4Xx-dg2GIdJdSfEsl5nsZXVfgJWU8_eeLeC4k6ikJ-FieeWeFaZvURd4h_OBmwFncWq93PKDcC2gDT0_Dtz2O-W 0t0sogsXlKbUu1AbgNP-4sbKQg5P1FiiaQ6JK5fL3POfDvLqBtE9Fp4OuZTM4qUJ89BQIpexhDftdnIxX5TCW60w_ts1JlFYes652516KLXoA6Fu-A78sLsY24bfvZS2uLrDsM4A 9XFxhzRtK5SC5h23yP7OMLYj88U2q6BHtO0kKzNN49K0XNyGnR7BdiexzJyYSBt4mrOJR57vXN3rrvHanu3ErgAs8CiJ8NKfXoWWkHBWTzKMt_PBjDvivMLOZ4KwhzJTv21s1VAo EaHyx_s4h8Xu1jz-2pYwOioYTrt2CS0WQelQ83IExUynaVK6WwWpSvXUO4MC-1biUmeocqze1djSYc-vD8Uz_NJs-FnuU7IF_-cHV8qfutRNgKeNRSY86lC9ur9wnMcjtmW7x0UE BqgjuGwGuqfE-80cN3gmYU-UL8O1uwOa5Y4F8oKZgzZOKpMUxsgHbrz8Wiffohn5ppsHcWgGk8ZHDhkwHCASsSbeYV2sEGp20c9n8puPmHQhhwf7k5iwRxgq38hY9ZDpT_kFlfnF


Requirements and Recommendations


Stat Requirements: 


Bare Minimum:

90+ Ranged, 74 Prayer for Rigour, 90+ Defence.


99 Ranged, 99 Prayer, 99 Defence

Gear Requirements (Bare Minimum): 



DISPLAYED: Penance Aura, Guthan’s Helm, Karil’s Leathertop, Karil’s Leatherskirt, Ava’s Alerter, Amulet of Fury, Ruby Bolts (e), Rune Crossbow, Crystal Full Shield, Swift Gloves, Rock Climbing Boots, Ring of Wealth (i).

Mid-High Tier Gear:



DISPLAYED: Greater Sharpshooter Aura, Serpentine Helm, Armadyl Chestplate, Armadyl Chainskirt, Max Cape, Amulet of Fury, Toxic Blowpipe, Swift Gloves, Pegasian Boots, Ring of Wealth (i).

Best in Slot Gear:



DISPLAYED: Supreme Sharpshooter Aura, Ultimate Pernix Cowl, Ultimate Pernix Chestplate, Ultimate Pernix Skirt, Completionist Cape (I don’t have so I am using Max Cape), Infinity Necklace, Twisted Bow MK2, Dragon Arrows, Swift Gloves, Ultimate Pernix Boots, Ring of Wealth (i)



Location & KC



Located inside of the God Wars Dungeon, type ::saradomin in game to be teleported right next to the boss.




Killcount can be obtained by killing any of the following monsters for Saradomin - Knights of Saradomin, Saradomin Priests, Saradomin Spiritual Warriors, Spiritual Rangers, and Spiritual Mages.

Likewise for all God Wars Dungeon Bosses, Killcount requirements vary depending on Donator Rank.


  • No Rank - 40

  • Sapphire - 25

  • Emerald - 15

  • Ruby - 10

  • Diamond - 5

  • Onyx - 1

  • Zenyte - 1





Inventory loadouts are purely subjective in regards to what each individual prefers. Therefore, for the three gear recommendations I have provided, I will match an inventory to them that I believe best approaches the boss and properly prepares for long trips and efficient kills.

Welfare Inventory:

1 Overload, 4 Saradomin Brews, 2 Super Restores, 1 Enhanced Excalibur, 18 Anglerfish / Rocktails.




Reasoning: 1 Overload for maximum Range and Defence bonus without degrading stats. Here, we have 3 restores only because sometimes when brewing down multiple times, stats don’t recover as quickly. Prayer is not a priority due to the penance aura rapidly regenerating prayer points.


Mid-High Tier Inventory: 

2 Overloads, 5 Saradomin Brews, 4 Super Restores, 16 Rocktails, 1 Enhanced Excalibur.



Reasoning: Without a shield a 4 dose / 1 inventory slot food in Saradomin Brews are very nice for sustainability, while the overloads keep stats high enough to DPS the boss. Once again, prayer bonus is not a main priority and therefore results in only 4 Super Restores. Enhanced Excalibur is a very nice special attack weapon that heals for 300 in a short period of time, great sustain.


Best in Slot Inventory: 

3 Overloads, 1 Enhanced Excalibur, 4 Saradomin Brews, 4 Super Restores, 16 Rocktails.




Reasoning: DPS in this setup is so extremely high that resources aren’t a main priority, but rather keeping the stats as high as possible. This being said, keeping 3 overloads is incredibly useful as well as the Enhanced Excalibur for reasons previously listed. This setup will keep the overloads running while at the same time providing enough resources to camp the boss efficiently.

The Fight


Commander Zilyana specializes in 2 main fighting styles - Magic and Melee. Her magic attack (max hit 20) is almost unavoidable and therefore will be prayed against the entirety of the fight. However, her melee attack (max hit 27) is a crush style attack that can only be performed in close quarters. This being said, our strategy will be praying against her magic attack, while running around the arena to avoid her melee attack.



Welfare Gear / Inventory Full Fight:



Mid-High Tier Gear / Inventory Full Fight:



Best in Slot Gear / Inventory Demonstration:




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1 hour ago, Bailey said:

Baller's guide to Zilyana: Templar armor + templar mace + cata, soulsplit and afk

Don't do me like that 😭I ain't got that luxury lmaoo

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