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Zamorak GWD Guide

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Zamorak GWD Guide

(K'ril Tsutsaroth Guide)





Greetings Onyx! Today I will be providing an in depth guide to the God Wars Dungeon boss - K’ril Tsutsaroth. This guide will include requirements and recommendations, location details, inventory, and fight mechanics. Thanks to Extreme for letting me borrow his gear for demonstration. Hope you all enjoy (;






  • K’ril Tsutsaroth is a combat level 650 boss with an astounding 3000 HP.
  • The boss has a defense level of 75 with 1299 armour - so he is rather tanky.
  • He is surrounded by 3 minions - Tstanon Karlak (melee - classified as a greater demon), Zakl’n Gritch (ranged, classified as a lesser demon), and Balfrug Kreeyath (magic, classified as a black demon).
  • K’ril also poisons those he fights, so it is advised to bring a Serpentine Helm, Poison Purge Aura, or Antipoison. 


Notable Drops:








Stat Requirements



Bare Minimum:

90+ Melee combats and 70+ Prayer for Piety.


99 Melee combats and 95 Prayer for Turmoil.



Gear Requirements (Bare Minimum):




DISPLAYED: Greater / Regular Poison Purge Aura, Helm of Neitiznot, Karil’s Leathertop Torag's Platelegs, Fire Cape, Amulet of Fury, Arclight, Crystal Shield, Barrows Gloves, Dragon Boots, Ring of Wealth (i) (Not Mandatory).



Mid-High Tier Gear:




DISPLAYED: Wings of Wealth, Serpentine Helm, Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Tassets, TokHaar-Kal, Looter's Amulet, Arclight, Elysian Spirit Shield, Goliath Gloves, Primordial Boots, Ring of Wealth (i).



Best in Slot Gear: 




DISPLAYED: Wrath of the Horde / Wings of Wealth, Ultimate Torva Full Helmet, Ultimate Torva Platebody, Ultimate Torva Platelegs, Infernal Cape, Infinity Necklace, Legendary Lightning Rapier (u), Catalyst Spirit Shield, Atrocious Rogue Gloves, Ultimate Torva Boots, Infinity Ring.




Location & KC



Located inside of the God Wars Dungeon, simply type ::zamorak to be teleported outside of his lair.





Killcount can be obtained by killing any of the following monsters for Zamorak - Imps, Bloodvelds, Vampyres, Hellhounds, Werewolves, Pyrefiends, Icefiends, and Goraks.

Similar to all God Wars Dungeon Bosses - Killcount requirements vary depending on Donator Rank.

  • No Rank - 40
  • Sapphire - 25
  • Emerald - 15
  • Ruby - 10
  • Diamond - 5
  • Onyx - 1
  • Zenyte - 1





Inventory loadouts are purely subjective in regards to what each individual prefers. Therefore, for the three gear recommendations I have provided, I will match an inventory to them that I believe best approaches the boss and properly prepares for long trips and efficient kills.

Welfare Inventory: 

1 Overload, 4 Brews, 5 Restores, 18 Anglerfish / Rocktails.


Reasoning: This gear setup is not very tanky and has little prayer bonus (hence the 'Bare Minimum'). Therefore, it is important to supply more food in Rocktails and Anglerfish as well as combo food in Saradomin Brews for when Zamorak removes your overhead prayers.


Mid-High Tier Inventory:

2 Overloads, 2 Brews, 4 Restores, 20 Rocktails.


Reasoning: The much tankier gear results in less combo food necessary. Therefore, bringing more overloads and keeping 4 restores solves durability issues in the prayer bonus and stat boost department.


Best in Slot Inventory:

4 Overloads, 2 Brews, 5 Restores, 1 Anti Poison ++, 16 Rocktails.



With some of the tankiest gear in the game, eating is rarely a priority, but rather sustainability. Therefore, it is important to prioritize Overloads and Super Restores for Stats / Prayer bonus. Using soul split on the minions almost guarantees full health in between boss spawns as well.



The Fight



K’ril Tsutsaroth fights with two main combat styles - Magic and Melee. These two attack animations will be demonstrated below. K’ril also consistently poisons during the fight, damage that is by no means large, by still worth minimizing through a poison purge aura, anti poison, or serpentine helm. K’ril also has an “Injuring” attack, which removes the overhead prayers of the fighter. This being said, the most effective prayers when fighting him are Turmoil and Protect from Melee and if he removes your overheads, simply retreat, eat up, and wait until the injury is removed.



Welfare Gear / Inventory Full Fight:

Mid-High Tier Gear / Inventory Full Fight:


Best in Slot Gear / Inventory Full Fight:





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Just now, Steady said:

Guide is crazy in-depth for all levels of players. Great shit brodie keep it up!

Appreciate you homie Raps in 4

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1 minute ago, Extremebtw said:

Appreciate you homie Raps in 4

hahahaha you already know fammo 

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