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Nightmare Guide

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  • The Nightmare of Ashihama, often simply referred to as "The Nightmare" is a combat level 814 group-based boss.
  • The Nightmare resides within the Sisterhood Sanctuary under the town of Slepe in Morytania.
  • Luckily for you, on Onyx, access to Nightmare is as simple as ::nightmare.


  • To begin the fight, approach The Nightmare's unconscious body and select the Disturb option.
  • Players may join in the following 30 seconds before the fight begins:
  • Afterwards, players must wait until the fight is over (with The Nightmare or all the players defeated) before they may join.


  • The Nightmare is engaging PvM with great potential for massing.
  • This guide is aimed at a late-midgame or early-lategame character.






  • Recommended Stats:
  •      90+ Attack / Strength / Defence
  •      90+ Magic
  •      77+ Prayer


  • Regular Prayers
  • See the Gear section to get an idea of what to bring for a hybrid Melee / Mage setup.







Maxed Gear: NOT Required, provided for concepts of what works.



  • The Nightmare is weak to crush, so best-in-slot is the full templar set with the templar mace (u). 
  • Also the legendary lightning rapier works really well in both the regular and upgraded form.
  • Cheaper alternatives: Abyssal Bludgeon & Viggora's Chainmace.



  • Best-in-slot is either the empowered sanguinesti staff or the eggbringer (easter weapon, shown above).
  • But since mage is heavily buffed even fire surge will do!
  • Cheaper alternatives: Using a Polypore Staff you can do really good damage and still have access to ancients.
  • This way the occasional blood barrage can be used to heal up. 









  • During the entire fight: 4 Main Attacks used & 2 Special Attacks used per phase.
  • The player with the greatest Defensive Stats will be focused.
  • The fight consists of 3 phases, the 4 main attacks will be used throughout all of these phases.
  • The special attacks will only be used during the specific phase. 


  • To kill the Nightmare, you must break its shield.
  • This is done by dealing 2000 (20,000 if on 10x HP setting) damage to it.
  • This is scaled upwards with a groupsize of 5+ players.


  • After the shield is down, you need to break the pillars.
  • Melee and range hits are reduced on the pillars, while mage is heavily buffed.
  • Once the pillars are all down, they will hit the Nightmare for a third of its health.


  • At the end of Phase 1 & 2, one Sleepwalker per player is spawned. These must be killed!
  • TLDR: You break the shield then break the pillars each phase while killing sleepwalkers and watch out for auto's/specials.
  • In the next section, we'll look at the auto-attacks and special attacks more in-depth.









  • The melee attack hits everyone in front of the Nightmare.
  • In a group everyone who is not tanking should stand in the green to avoid it (see picture above).












Any Phase:

Black Hole


  • You want to step away if a black hole spawns under you.



Phase 1:



  • During phase 1 the Nightmare can spawn 2 "Husks" per player.
  • This attack freezes the player until the Husks are killed. Kill this right away.


"Safe Corner" Attack



  • Another special attack the Nightmare will use during the first phase is splitting the area in 4 corners.
  • 1 corner will be highlighted by a Blossom.
  • Move to this corner as soon as possible.


Phase 2:

Switching Prayer


  • For a moment your screen will go black, after this your prayers have shifted.
  • Protect from Mage prayer will be Melee, Protect from Range prayer will be mage and Protect from Melee will be Range.




  • A parasite will spawn from a player. The parasite will heal the boss quite rapidly. Kill it quickly.



Phase 3:

  • Phase 3 is the easiest phase. There's only one special attack you need to look out for.


Swipe Attack


  • The Nightmare dives and flies across to area.
  • If you are in it's path you will be hit for around 50 (500 on x10). Dodge this by moving away.




  • The last special attack can be ignored.
  • The Nightmare spawns mushrooms around the room. 
  • These will disable Run for a moment and/or make your attacks 1 tick slower.



After Phase 1 & 2:



  • After each phase, 1 sleepwalker is spawned per player. Kill these quickly to avoid high amounts of damage.










  • Every player gets a kill count and a drop.
  • The player doing the most damage has a slightly better chance on receiving a rare drop.
  • Regrettably, NM is poor for skilling-based drops.
  • Players will kill this boss for a chance at its incredible unique drops.
  • As a final note, Magic is due to receive a significant buff, server wide.
  • The NM staff and its orbs --- may soon be more valuable. Stay tuned.







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