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Bandos GWD Guide

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Bandos GWD Guide

(General Graardor Guide)




Hello Onyx! Today I will be providing a guide to the God Wars Dungeon boss General Graardor.

This will be an in depth guide detailing information regarding the location, requirements, recommendations, and much more when it comes to efficiently camping and killing Bandos.

Special thanks to Soulgazer and Omega for their help and input in the guide. 😁



Boss Overview


Bandos can be an incredibly profitable boss, however remains a challenge to those unaware of how to approach the fight. Here are a few facts to know beforehand:

  • General Graardor is a 624 combat boss who specializes in two main combat styles - ranged and melee.
  • His max hit with melee is a 600 and his max hit with range is 350.
  • With the help of his three minions - Sergeant Strongstack (Melee), Sergeant Steelwill (Magic), and Sergeant Grimspike (Ranged), this boss contains high DPS and it is important to stay aware so that you do not get combo’d out. 

Bandos is largely targeted due to the value of his key drops. These drops include: 






Here I will show both the statistical and gear requirements and recommendations that should be addressed before fighting this boss.

Stat Requirements (Bare Minimum):

80+ Melee combats and 70+ Prayer for Piety.

Stat Recommendations:

99 Melee combats and 95 Prayer for Turmoil.

Gear Requirements (Bare Minimum):

DISPLAYED: Penance Aura, Helm of Neitiznot, Torag's Platebody, Torag's Platelegs, Fire Cape, Amulet of Fury, Abyssal Tentacle, Crystal Shield, Barrows Gloves, Dragon Boots, Ring of Wealth (i) (Not Mandatory).



Gear Recommendations: 

DISPLAYED: Wings of Wealth, Serpentine Helm, Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Tassets, TokHaar-Kal, Looter's Amulet, Chaotic Rapier, Elysian Spirit Shield, Goliath Gloves, Primordial Boots, Ring of Wealth (i).



Best in Slot Gear: 

Wrath of the Horde / Wings of Wealth, Ultimate Torva Full Helmet, Ultimate Torva Platebody, Ultimate Torva Platelegs, Infernal Cape, Infinity Necklace, Legendary Lightning Rapier (u), Catalyst Spirit Shield, Atrocious Rogue Gloves, Ultimate Torva Boots, Infinity Ring.




Location & KC


Finding the Bandos Settlement is incredibly easy, simply type ::Bandos in game and there you are.




Bandos killcount can be obtained by killing the following creatures scattered throughout the GWD lair - Goblins, Ogres, Jogres, Hobgoblins, Orks, Cyclops, Spiritual Rangers, Spiritual Mages, and Spiritual Warriors.

The amount of killcount necessary varies depending on Donator Rank:

  • No Rank - 40
  • Sapphire - 25
  • Emerald - 15
  • Ruby - 10
  • Diamond - 5
  • Onyx - 1
  • Zenyte - 1






Inventory may greatly vary depending on personal preference and different gear setups. Therefore, I will be showing my recommendations for what I believe to be the best inventory's depending on the three gear setups I previously provided.

Welfare Inventory:

1 Overload, 3-4 Saradomin Brews, 4-5 Super Restores, 18-20 Anglerfish / Rocktails.





 Trips will not last very long in the welfare gear setup, and therefore it is not worth it taking more than 1 Overload. Likewise, more food is necessary due to the intense DPS Bandos and his minions will be delivering, thus resulting in more rocktails and brews for combo eating.


Mid-High tier Inventory:

2 Overloads, 4 Super Restores, 22 Rocktails:




This gear is more sustainable to longer trips and way less likely to require combo eating. Therefore, an extra overload for longer trips and more Rocktails so that wasting precious Brews isn’t necessary.


Best in Slot Inventory:

4 Overloads, 2 Prayer Renewals, 6 Super Restores:




 Lastly, in B.I.S gear you will be needing very little food to begin with as your gear together with Soulsplit will out heal basically anything. This being said, more overloads for longer trips and more prayer regeneration is necessary as well. 



Keep in mind, outside of the Bandos lair is a handy bank that is always accessible. This being said, inventory loadouts are not as important, however it is more beneficial so that you don’t have to keep obtaining killcount.


The Fight



Bandos attack style simply consists of two different attacks - Ranged and Melee. The animations of these attacks are demonstrated below. During the fight, it is beneficial to constantly use “Protect from Melee” as it is more difficult to react to if Bandos switches up his combat style. However, if he switches to a ranged attack, you have a lot of time to react due to the longer animation, and therefore are able to switch protection prayers in time.

Bandos Melee attack animation: Punch




Bandos Ranged attack animation: Slams fist into the ground, creating a flying projectile attack



Fight Demonstrations - All three gear setups:


1. Welfare Gear (Bare Minimum):



2. Mid-High Tier Gear:


3. Best in slot Gear:




Thank you very much and I hope you have found the guide useful, best of luck on drops!

See you in game.



Edited by Soulgazer

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This guide is really simple and straight forward for a lot of newcomers joining the server wanting to take a chance at a new task.


Lovin it man keep it up :)

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32 minutes ago, Coffeeguy said:

BROO , i was looking for something like this now i will have a chance to kill him

keep up the good work :D

Hell yea snag some Tassets

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37 minutes ago, Today said:

Damn, looking good bro! nice job on this one


38 minutes ago, Steady said:

This guide is really simple and straight forward for a lot of newcomers joining the server wanting to take a chance at a new task.


Lovin it man keep it up :)

Appreciate y'all

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