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Combat Stats Guide

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Combat Stats Guide


Forum Moderator:

  • This guide is meant as a placeholder for skills without a guide.
  • Specificially: Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, and Hitpoints.







Combat Stats are usually progressed one of two ways on Onyx:

  • AFK Route: Combat dummies. These are found at ::home (2), ::dz (5), or ::ddz (2).
  • Slayer Route: Fantastic for newcomers trying to skill and train combat simultaneously. This is my recommendation.




  • Gear Guide: This guide shows gear stats and is helpful for decision-making.
This thread will be updated at a later time.
Thank You




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Howdy Soulgazer...!

                           Love how this is looking.

                           Thank you for the hard work and efforts you put into these threads.

                           Maybe not everyone will see them but count on me that I will send every player in need of help right to your clear and precise guide..!

                           I actually learn a lot too from your threads man. 




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Posted (edited)


Before I destroy this with an image, lemme tuck it away here for editing purposes.


Time & Place

  • Train during Bonus XP (BXP) weekends (+50%).
  • Train at ::dz (+3%), note: Sapphire+ Rank REQ'd to use ::dz.
  • Train at ::ddz (+10%), note: Diamond+ Rank REQ'd to use ::ddz.
  • Risky! Train at  Wilderness Resource Area  (+20%), note: TP via ::wildernessresourcearea.

Help Others

  • Donate, as Donator Ranks boosts XP (+10%/Rank for Normal, +2%/Rank for Expert)
  • Donate, as Wishing Well boosts XP (+15%) for the entire server.
  • Go Vote, as voting boosts XP (+10%), note: 3 different votes sites REQ'd to use ::reward.


  • Wear Wisdom Aura (+2.5%)  —  image.png.78347bd6b9a54ad1ebef4426d0eb55cf.png
  • Wear Elven Signet (+3%)       —  image.png.772cbc91e144daad6642d5ec75e86a5f.png
  • Wear Partyhat (+5%)              —  Red_partyhat.png?b5730  Blue_partyhat.png?153ee  Green_partyhat.png?beac9  Yellow_partyhat.png?b5730  20130707135256!Purple_partyhat.png?4b3c1  White_partyhat.png?b5730
  • Wear Black Partyhat (+10%) —  Black_partyhat.png?28b80




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