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Hey Onyx players I have a quality of life suggestion that I'd really like to see implemented into Onyx.

I play a lot of Old school runescape using the runelite client, and using runelite you have Camera settings as you can see below



My main want is to be able to use right click to move my camera around rather than or along side the middle mouse button. I would also LOVE to see a outer zoom limit that you can increase (that's if we can remove the shitty black fog. 


Anyway let me know if you'd also like to see these ideas added into onyx alongside any other ideas you think I should have mentioned here. 


Thanks for reading.


Eat me out.

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  • The first thing I thought: Developer time cost vs. benefit. This ask could be tremendous ask on DragonKK/Simplex or it could be simple.
  • Would I like to increase the visual display of the client? Of course I would. Enough to tie them up for days/weeks? Unsure. Maybe.


Imo I think that you need to update the OP with a stronger value proposition.

  • Phrase the OP in a way that would communicate to the devs that new players would fk'n love it or would be of relevance to advertising.
  • If under-the-hood work does not attract new players, I'm unsure that the devs will consider it and definitely not prioritize it. 
  • I learned this via my Dungeoneering pitch to DragonKK.


TLDR: Re-write OP to make it clear exactly why this needs dev time, as it could be a tall task.

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