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"The Horde" Guide

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The Horde is the single most challenging PvM content on Onyx.

  • This content was released on July 25th, 2019; since then, no formal guides have been written.
  • Because of this, I write this "guide" to make this content more accessible as word-of-mouth isn't ideal.
  • The Horde consists of 40 waves, with each representing a unique combination of bosses to defeat.
  • The area is a square (see above - one corner of it) with flames surrounding. DO NOT click on these flames, or you exit.
  • Notice the Rocktail (Special) and Prayer Potion (Special). An Overload (Special), which is infinite, also spawns.
  • Food is provided during the waves, but DO NOT Drop Overload (Special) & DO NOT Log Out during Horde.


The Horde is very rewarding!

  • The rewards are many, as the player keeps whatever drops from the bosses and...
  • The player has a "10% chance" of receiving the Zio the Slave Pet (+10% DR).
  • The player has a 50% chance of receiving the Wrath of the Horde Aura (+5% DMG).
  • I have received both. At the time, I did not have any DR boosting pets following me.


Can I Beat "The Horde"?


The Horde is the single most gear-dependent PvM content on Onyx.

  • For Credibility: I revise this after having completed 13 kc of The Horde. My advise is based upon my own experience.
  • There should be multiple ways to beat this Minigame, so this is one interpretation.
  • However, I strongly recommend that you have either a Twisted Bow or a LLR; I recommend the upgraded versions -- of BOTH.
  • If your healing from SoulSplit is less than the DPS from Onyx boss, you will lose HP; you likely cannot survive this imbalance for 8-10 minutes.
  • TLDR: This Minigame was designed to be accessible to only the most well-equipped players. If you're poor, you cannot complete The Horde.


What To Bring:



You DO NOT need these exact items! The majority of my KC were in Ult Arma!


Some Clarification:

  •      Pre-Pot: Bonfire HP Boost bonus (5 logs). Prayer Renewal, Antipoison, Super Antifire, Overload, Brew.
  •      Equipment: This could be upgraded to Ultimate Pernix, but I used Ultimate Armadyl, Wrath Aura, Infinity Ring/Ammy.
  •      Inventory: Bringing Full Torva switch may be the meta. I cannot comment as I haven't used.
  •      Other: Curses. Regular Magics (FIRE SURGE RUNES). No Familiars. Rapid style on TBow. Strength option on LLR.


"What's That In Your Inventory?" (top to bottom):

  •      Enhanced Excalibur - heals 50 hp, uses ~90% spec. Obtained by completing all Elite Tasks.
  •      Sang Staff/Tome of Fire - Fire Surge is desirable for Glacor Fight. Also used vs. Rex.
  •      Slayer Helmet - Strongly recommended for Thermy.
  •      Arclight - Strongly recommended for TD.


Items Provided Within The Horde:

  •      Overload (Special) - spawns SW in arena. Permanent overload throughout. Thus, no need to bring.
  •      Rocktail (Special)  - spawns in all 4 locations after wave completion. If you log out, these disappear!
  •      Prayer Potion (Special)  - spawns in all 4 locations after wave completion. Useful for Cerb.


Waves Breakdown:     THE IMPORTANT PART   



The Money Chart:

  • I keep this reference next to me when I am running The Horde.
  • Monsters can spawn NW, NE, SW, SE. Knowing where they spawn is important for efficiency.
  • The most dangerous (highest likelihood of death) waves are the red/orange waves: 33 >>> 35 > 34 > 24 > 14.
  • The yellow highlights alert me to do something at the end of the wave (potion or gear).
  • There are some waves that are challenging at first, but with time, will be no big issue. These aren't highlighted.
  • EDIT: SHN's added comments are posted below this OP. His thoughts on W40 are very important.
  • TLDR: Melee 1st two forms, Range 2nd two forms on Onyx boss.


The Trick to Wave 33:



  • Works like a charm! ... until your RNG is shit and you die instantly ... Good luck ...



  • Thank you to Nick, DragonKK, etc for this content and their commitment to improving Onyx.
  • Thank you to Versace, SHN, etc for motivating me to keep grinding.
  • Thank you to the Onyx Community for being so great.


~ Soulgazer ~



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Wow very nice and detailed  guide! One of the best I have seen so far on the forum. 

Thanks for all the effort, definitely gonna try the horde some day

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Some suggestions:

1. You could bring a dfs so you can pray soulsplit during the dragon waves with llr(u). Since this is a stab weapon it does well against dragons.

2. You could bring supreme poison surge, this will heal you throughout the whole minigame. For example scorpia will poison you for 20/200, which is a free heal.

3. tip for kq waves: When you finish one phase of a kq you can hit the other ones during it's animation. Switch back after 2 tbow hits.

4. Wave 29: I advise to kill mager first. Espescialy without tbow (mk2) since he can hit up to 80/800 iic.

5. Wave 36: Kill chaos elly first since there's a slight chance he will teleport you, which freezes you for a moment.

6. Both waves with archaeologists and chaos fanatic: Try to time your attacks so that you are always moving when they attack. The special of deranged archaeologist can hit you for 65/650-65/650-65/650 even several tiles away.

7. On triple jads: with mk2, dont worry about the healers

8. First 2 phases, llr(u) should be used to out dps the boss and barely need food.

Overal: don't forget to use excalibur on every wave since hp, prayer and special % restores at the end of each wave. Also, almost every wave you will need to be "kiting" which means you shoot once then run. With good timing you don't lose dps and never standstill. Last point, any form of hp boosting (like the bonfire boost mentioned) will greatly help with surviving the horde. If done correctly not much food is used but you will always have several moments where the bosses can stack you out. Having higher hp will make this chance lower.


These are just my suggestions from personal experience, if you want to complete this but do not own the gear or think it's too hard you can checkout Versace and mine horde service on topic #2467 or one of our competitors.  Goodluck everyone!

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This is a very detailed and organized guide and I can tell you have put in tons of work into this, thank you very much for this i'm sure the community will appreciate it greatly! 😄

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