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ONYX II UPDATE #17: Zalcano, Crystal Singing, Treasures Trails shop, Zalcano Challenge mode, Bug/QoL Fixes & MORE!

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June 3, 2020


Hello everyone, I hope all has been well. I am pleased to announce the final release of this update which will mostly be featuring the Zalcano Skilling Boss. 







In our efforts to continue the expansion of content offered in Prifddinas, we have added Zalcano which is a boss that takes damage based on certain skills you have. Zalcano will also be classified as a PvM Death and NOT a safe death so for Hardcore Ironman players out there please tread with caution.



👿Zalcano's Attacks👿




Below is a detailed explanation of Zalcano's attacks. For more information please visit https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Zalcano


  • While the player is inside the prison, Zalcano has six different attacks that the player must watch out for as they attempt to take on the stone demon. Each of the attacks are performed at random intervals throughout the fight.
  • Zalcano will stomp on the ground, causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. These are easily avoided by stepping at least one tile away. Boulders can be easily spotted by watching out for the falling pebbles/dirt, which will be followed by the falling boulder. It is also easy to know which tile they are falling onto by the location of their shadow on the ground. Players who are hit by these can take 40+ damage.
  • Throwing imbued tephra while standing under a blue demonic symbol will increase the player's accuracy and damage.
  • A player mines Zalcano after breaking her stone armour.
  • Zalcano will summon blue and orange demonic symbols. If a player is standing on a blue demonic symbol when attacking Zalcano with imbued tephra, it will increase the players accuracy and damage significantly. The orange demonic symbols, however, should be avoided, These will damage the player as well as reduce their run energy if they pass through it or stand in it. Damage is dealt constantly if a player stands within it and can result in a quick death if they are not paying attention.
  • Zalcano will summon a golem in the southern part of the prison. If the golem reaches her, it will restore her armour's health based on the health of the Golem. If the Golem is at full health, it will restore 50 hitpoints towards her armour. It is possible for a player to hurt the golem with the imbued tephra. The golem will also drop 16-24 imbued tephra when killed.
  • Zalcano will fire a red ball of energy at the current glowing red rock formation to deactivate it, changing its location. If a player is standing near the rock formation when this happens, they will take 24+ damage. These can be avoided by walking away from the rock.
  • After Zalcano has fallen and players have caused her damage, she will rise again. If any players are standing next to her while this occurs, she will create a shockwave push them back, causing the player small amounts of damage. All tephra are destroyed as well.
  • Zalcano will randomly hit all players within the prison with a barrage of small pebbles. These are not avoidable, but players will only take a few hitpoints worth of damage.
  • Players will also get damaged if they stand under Zalcano when she has fallen. Damage rate is much less than an orange symbol, dealing around 3-10 damage per tick, and the danger persists until Zalcano begins to rise again.


🔥Zalcano Challenge Mode🔥


For the purpose of Events and masses, staff will be given a command to turn on challenge mode at Zalcano to really crank up the intensity in this fight. While Challenge mode is active, the following mechanics have been amplified:



  •  Zalcano fires attacks 2x as fast
  •  No blue damage buff symbols
  •  10x more boulders fall (capped at 100)
  •  Boulders can hit up to 700 rather than 450
  •  Zalcano swipe when standing up from down can hit up to 800
  •  Ambient small rocks attack can hit up to 4x instead of 1 (random)
  •  If golem reaches zalcano her health resets
  •  Golem has no movement delay when spawned (usually 2 secs)


💠Crystal Singing💠



Crystal Equipment will now be available to be crafted via the Singing Bowl. 


Crystal_pickaxe.png?41819Crystal Pickaxe: Requires 71 Mining, Created by combining a Dragon pickaxe with 120 Crystal Shards and a Crystal Tool Seed.

Crystal_axe.png?41819Crystal Hatchet: Requires 71 Woodcutting, Created by combining a Dragon hatchet with 120 Crystal Shards and a Crystal Tool Seed.

Crystal_harpoon.png?41819Crystal Harpoon: Requires 71 Fishing, Created by combining a Dragon harpoon with 120 Crystal Shards and a Crystal Tool Seed.

Enhanced_crystal_key.png?dec88Enhanced Crystal Key: Used to open the Elven Crystal Chest located in the upper level of the Tower of Voices which is located in Prifddinas as well as at ::home.


🔑Elven Crystal Chest🔑




The Elven Crystal Chest may be opened by crafting Enhanced Crystal Keys via the crystal singing method as specified above. The chest offers a large variety of skilling supplies such as uncut ruby/diamond/dragonstone, raw sharks, gold ore as well as a rare chance at obtaining 1 of the 5 pieces of the rare Dragonstone Armor Set.


🔎Treasures Trails Item Shop🔎




Many players requested a faster method of acquiring different items needed to complete clue scrolls, so we compiled a list of all items needed in order to complete every clue step! 



🌟Quality of Life/Player Suggested Updates/Bug Fixes🌟


  1. Reduced melee and ranged defense by 10%
  2. Hydras drop table will now appear upon examining.
  3. Nerfed cataclysm shield by 50% when inside the wilderness just like all other custom weapons
  4. Fixed a bug with some prices turning negative on display
  5. Fixed a dialogue typo with the guard that issues the completionist cape.
  6. Fixed a cosmetic glitch where hair styles would be displayed past a hood
  7. Fixed a bug with some pets not being recorded into collection logs
  8. Created a feature on discord that will give you the option to display you are playing onyx and show your username of the account you are currently logged in as
  9. Removed Wisdom Aura from starting accounts, it may be purchased still from Xuan at ::shops
  10. Boosted Nex's drop rate by 20% and nerfed her defense by 35%
  11. Reduced the change of Nex no escape and grab
  12. Fixed a bug in the collection logs when aquiring multiple of a single item that displayed incorect values
  13. Added ::party command that teleports you to the party room
  14. Added Treasures Trail Shop
  15. Reduced 3% magic damage boost per level for PvP to match the osrs formula
  16. Added Dragonstone Armor
  17. Pk tabs no longer target players with less than 100k wealth on them
  18. The Nomad Dialogue and cutscene may now be skipped after completing the fight once
  19. Added a timer for evil trees and falling stars under the quest tab
  20. Fixed a bug with an Elite Task which required making extreme strength potions
  21. Added Enhanced Crystal Key and Chest

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