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Hey Onyx

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I'd like to apologize for my absence, recently I've been going through a lot at work, and I am trying to 
get my own place to live as I've been feeling a lot of pressure from work, and on onyx. I love helping people
and talking to people, but I've been feeling a lot of pressure to do my very best as a staff member, and right now
I feel like I can't provide my best services when I am busy trying to better my life. I've been feeling a lot of
depression and I thought if I took some time off to get some things done I'd be alright, but right now I just can't
bring it to me to stay motivated enough to stick with a schedule. Right now I feel like I am going no where and when I feel
like this it's hard for me to get things done. I genuinely wanted to come back, and continue being a staff member
but I really feel like I just can't right now, I have things to work on in my life, and I really just need time to
focus on essential things in life right now. Again I sincerely apologize, and I have nothing against anyone
I just really hope you guys aren't too upset, but I feel like I can't be the best staff member right now, and therefore 
I feel like for now I need to resign. I'll try to stop by and play whenever I can, so this isn't the end for me.

Love you guys, if anyone would like to message me feel free to do so. This server means a lot to me, and you guys are awesome
I hope you guys can understand


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Much love to you Corper, thank you for everything you have done in the past to help this community I will forever be grateful for your efforts and appreciate all the hard work you did.

I hope your situation becomes better over time and know that there are a lot of people here that will gladly speak with you, best wishes!

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Sad to see your departure, I'll try to keep our clan active and expanding it by the day ! Hope everything works out fine and you achieve your goals. Thank you for everything you've done for onyx; the normal events, your own events, your little giveaways that you did for new players, your dedication and grind that you showed, and your assistance to the community. All of this doesn't not go unnoticed. 


See you around man. 

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