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Glory Dayz

Pitchin ideas

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Torment (range) and Augury (Mage) for Curse book. Scrolls could be unlocked through Horde/Tob/Cox(when it comes out). y'know end game content.


Colored Slayer Helms: Cause they look cool and I think they'd be a fine addition


Add an NPC because honestly no one wants to risk an infernal cape,mage cape imbued, defenders etc in wild. Unless you add like a keepsake scroll or a permanent keepsake imbue can have a spot in blood money shop or literally a gold sink.

Fero/Dominion gloves:

I think they should have no Defense req, just the attack level/str/range/mage lvl, make it more open to everyone includin pures (might be a tad op but its a suggestion)

Ornament Kits for gear:

Alternative looks are cool

Blade of Saledor:

Yes we have rapier, Llr, templar mace, but blade is pretty awesome and we do need a slash one hand option




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The prayers would be cool replacement for the scrolls on cox table. Wouldnt be too op because curses cant be used in tob/nightmare, so I support it. The slayer helm recoloring is cool to. As for untreadables, imo these should "break" like in osrs. I think lowering reqs for gloves is a no-go for me since we like to keep it 1:1. There are ornament kits in-game similar to osrs and pre-eoc, custom ones i do not support. The blade of saeldor is actually already obtainable somehow I think but useless as of now. This is indeed a nice addition.


These are my personal opinions not from the staff team.

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Nice suggestions overall. Shn pretty much shared my ideas and thoughts on it. I hope to see the untradeables getting broken, the blade, and those curse prayers come in game eventually :) 

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