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ONYX II UPDATE #16: Collection Logs, Keybinds, Osrs boss Model Option, Bug/QoL Fixes & MORE!

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May 18, 2020


Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce a few more QoL additions that will be featured below within this update that will focus primarily with PvM and PvP. This update will be no where in size compared to the previous one but I assure you that the following specified below were not the only things being done on the development side, we have plans in place to release a CONTENT PACKED update for our next patch already in the works! 


More information may or may not be leaked in media in the upcoming days, stay posted on our discord for potential spoilors!



📑Collection Logs📑

We now have fully functioning collection logs on Onyx! These logs will help keep track of all drops obtained during your journey here on Onyx. Unfortunately, we were not able to backtrack any logs from previous as it would take a massive amount of time to add this if even at all possible.



These logs are organized based on Bosses, Raids, Clue scrolls, Minigames, and Miscellaneous collectibles throughout the world of Onyx. The Collection Log may be obtained by The Collector at ::home bank





The pkers asked for it, we implemented it. All Fuction Keys will now be available to be keybinded to various different tabs depending on your own style! This will allow for quicker switching of special attacks, brews, and even attack styles!



Although this is specifically targeted for pking, please note that it may also be a good overall QoL update as you will be able to bind tabs to your will which will result in less clicking around. Enjoy!




Osrs Boss Model Looks

As we continue to add more osrs options to Onyx, we have finished implementing certain boss models to match osrs. The Nostalgia of seeing Kree fly is a breath of fresh air!


Players will now have the option to change the models of all gwd bosses and minions, barrows brothers, and the king black dragon!




🌟Quality of Life/Player Suggested Updates/Bug Fixes🌟

  1. Pest Control Portal Barriers will now go down 2x faster than before
  2. Balanced Upgrade Gem Fragments to cost 2m Fragments and are no longer tradable
  3. Reduced KalGer Warmonger's damage by 1/3
  4. Removed spam message from Rune Pouch
  5. Removed soaking
  6. Fixed a typo on ::deals
  7. Reduced the healing amount of the purple spider during the Lady Verzik boss fight in ToB.
  8. All Ranged poison weapons will poison the purple spider on the first hit, not just melee.
  9. Changed the look of Armadyl Crossbow model from pre-eoc to osrs when playing in osrs gfx settings
  10. Improved Placeholders transparancy
  11. While attempting the horde, the Onyx boss's HP will no longer scale depending on players online and will be set to a fair amount. 
  12. Fixed a ladder south of heroes quest 
  13. Added ::eggy and ::wizard commands which will open up their youtube page.
  14. Seeds, Bones, and Blood Money will no longer be auto banked if inside the wilderness.
  15. Fixed the cart in Shilo Village which allows you to return to Brimhaven.
  16. Nerfed Ultimate gwd prayer bonuses to be the same as regular sets.
  17. Fixed a bug involving talk to and pick up for the Nexterminator Pet
  18. Decreased the chance to burn food by 50%
  19. Fixed a bug involving aggro in the Edgeville Dungeon

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Seeds, Bones, and Blood Money will no longer be auto banked if inside the wilderness.


is there an alternate way to get blood money outside of the wilderness? as it was one of the main reasons for ruby rank back when i got it


great updates also, keep it up

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