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Iron 11

My experience with Dung, bugs and suggestions

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Posted (edited)

First off I think the dungeoneering is amazing and overall extremely usable and consistent with real RS back in the day. It's amazing to see the skill faithfully implemented. I'm glad to see some puzzle rooms were added, and even more glad to not have to deal with most of them that were always such a headache. I just finished grinding for a rapier on my Ironman and was a load of fun! With that said, I did have some frustrations, observations, and small suggestions that I think will make the experience smoother for future players. 

Glitches / Missing content / Weird behavior

  1. After crafting the Catalytic staff (99 runecrafting requirement) it doesn't provide any runes. It should provide all catalytic type runes, mind, body, chaos, death, blood, nature, cosmic, law, soul, and astral. I have not tested but am guessing similarly that elemental staffs don't give elemental runes. 
  2. I once failed a fishing ferret puzzle room that became uncompletable as the fishing and cooking spots stopped working. 
  3. You need to have 1 inventory space available to collect any resource, even if there's already a stack in your inventory. 
  4. When smithing ore into bars, with the player inventory full, the bars will be deleted with the chat message "Not enough space in your inventory." I expect them to be dropped on the ground or player should stop smithing. 
  5. Farming spots. Planting a seed seems to do nothing, I thought maybe it wasn't implemented. Then some point later I was pleasantly surprised to see it was grown! Harvested only 1 herb. Feels bad man. Maybe this deserves some better chat messages to indicate it's working correctly, and maybe buff the amount of herbs received. 

Some general suggestions

  1. Lower cost of chaotics: I know this probably comes up a lot, but 1 million tokens for a Chaotic felt really high. I trained to level 106, completing floors 1 to 56 once (all solo, mostly medium/large toward the end), to save up for just 1. I spent only minimal points on other items such as a bone crusher. Doing floor 50+ mediums can give like 200k tokens per hour but it takes several hours to get to that point.
  2. Add more binds: I do believe there is some added bind, as I have 4 items bound since like level 80. I really love this. It felt really bad starting out with just 1, a weapon, especially at a lower combat level. Adding +1 or +2 binds at all levels would make early levels more fun & less of a struggle. 
  3. Follow up to previous, updating the guide with accurate bind info would be awesome. 
  4. Remove resource spawn that are "too high". By this I mean removing resource spawns above 1 higher than the highest tier of the team. If I have 50 fishing, I don't want cave morays to spawn. This is a general complaint I had with Dungeoneering back in the day too. Similarly, removing super low tier spawns like heim crabs at level 80 fishing would be welcome too.

Hope this all comes across well. Thanks for all the hard work. 

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