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Dungeoneering Guide UPDATED ["Onyx DG" clan]

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  • Dungeoneering (shortened as "DG"), combines all RS skills into engaging, replayable, team-based content.
  • Although the most complex skill, DG does not need to be a chore; in fact, Dungeoneering can be A LOT of fun!
  • Know that "Onyx DG" (our clan, pm Soulgazer for access) was created to be the premier DG resource for all players on Onyx. 


*Short* Version — The TLDR:



  • If you are positive that the your only interest is a chaotic weapon, and CBA to learn DG, the fastest "guide" is written out here.
  • By reading this spoiler only, you will know the bare minimum and will be your team contribution will also be bare minimum.
  • It takes 6-8 hours to get a chaotic weapon. If you skip any portion, below, you will be punished (low XP, bad gear, etc) for doing so.


DG Recommendations: 

  • 54 RC — Recommended for making law runes & cosmics to start the dungeon, if not Ruby+ donator.
  • 64 Magic — Use regular spellbook (Group Gatestone Teleport is a must).
  • 99 Slayer — The hexbow is so strong that this is being included here even in the TLDR. It is incredibly powerful.
  • ~70+ stats — Not mandatory, but for best Tokens, 1+ party member should have for skill doors on C6's.
  • 90+ combat — Not mandatory, but helps clear times a lot. DG has plenty of combat. 
  • 74+ prayer — Not mandatory, but Rigour / Piety are very useful within DG. This is doubly true if player has Hexbow.


6-8 Hours to a Chaotic

  • Step 1 - Rush (Takes ~1.5 hour):
  •           "C1 Rush" Floor 1 to Floor 35
  •           Use minimum settings (C1, small, partysize 1, preshare OFF, guidemode ON).
  • Step 2 - Smith (Takes 0.5 hour):
  •           Enter Floor 36 on highest settings (C6, large, partysize 5, preshare OFF, guidemode ON).
  •           Smith your gear. Recommend: Prom 2h, Plate, Legs + 255+ law runes, as you should have 3 binds (DG level 50+).
  • Step 3 - Get Tokens (Takes 4-6 hours):
  •           DG normally, guide mode ON, same highest settings as before.
  •           Likely, you will get your chaotic around "Current Progress" (see DG interface via ring) - level 55.
  •           Once "Current Progress" shows 60, hit "Reset" to prestige.


*Long* Version — Get Good:

  • Reading this guide fully will serve as a basis of understanding from which you can develop your DG skills.
  • I have maxed binds, chaotic weaponry, 200M experience on 5 accounts and have been offered 20M+ per floor to key floors (~80M GP/hour).
  • Any of that sound like something you want? You can, too.
  • I have a mediocre memory and gaming ability and I have run a 4:18 floor. You can, too.


  • Start your journey by reading the next post and familiarizing yourself with Dungeoneering.
  • Feel free to reach out to Soulgazer and Onyx DG, our clan, with any questions!



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Step 1: Before You Start:


What is Dungeoneering?:




  • DG is navigating floors which are broken into rooms (their doors require skills / combat / teamwork) to reach a boss to defeat.
  • DG Floors are broken down by "Floor Theme", Frozen, Furnished, etc ... Floor # will determine the possible bosses.
  • Each Boss has a specific "Boss Drop" which can include the meta Tier 11 (Primal, Sagittarian, Celestial) at certain settings.
  • You use keys to open some doors. They will appear on the ground in certain rooms. Pick keys up at all times!
  • In DG, bound items ("binds") are transferred between floors and the higher your DG level, the more binds you can have.
  • At the end of each floor, the Boss Drop and Total XP / Tokens are rewarded to the player.

 Recommended Skills:

  • 54 RC — Recommended for making law runes & cosmics to start the dungeon, if not Ruby+ donator.
  • 64+ Magic — REGULAR spellbook recommended so player has access to GroupTele (level 64 Magic).
  • 70+ Skills (anyone in party— As long as one person has the skill (for each of 24 skills), the team is fine.
  • 90+ combat — Not mandatory, but helps clear times a lot. DG has plenty of combat. 
  • 74+ prayer — Not mandatory, but Rigour / Piety are very useful within DG. This is doubly true if player has Hexbow.
  • 99 Slayer (anyone in party— 99 slayer STRONGLY recommended for at least one person party. See spoiler.
  • Spoiler


    • Soulgazers have a chance to drop (estimated ~1/10 drop rate) the ferociously powerful Hexhunter bow.
    • Contrary to the wikipedia entry, Soulgazers can spawn on any floor on any setting.
    • The Hexbow can be considered the original Twisted Bow ... if the Twisted Bow could fire as fast as a MSB ...
    • In RS3 (2012) — at the highest levels of play — players without a Hexbow were seen as non-competitive.
    • Of Onyx's 25 DG bosses, Hexbow is BIS for 20 of them. It decreases boss kill-times and improves survival.
    • It is fair to say that the Hexhunter bow does not complement the metagame: Hexing defines the meta.


Getting There:

  • Getting to Daemonheim (DG location) where you will run floors, is as simple as typing ::dung 
  • You can also right click on the Ring of Kinship and select "Teleport to Daemonheim" and run north into the building.
  • Once inside the large building, you will see a "Dungeon Entrance" immediately to your West and East.
  • All worn items (**Including your aura, the culprit 90+% of the time) must be removed prior to entering a floor.

Floor Settings:

  • Outside the dungeon, one party member invites the other members to a party.
  • Usually, inviting is done by the "keyer", but for now, just know that Player #1 is the leader.
  • Guide Mode ON - Displays the "critical path", the path boss room (saves 50% of time) at a ~6-8% loss in EXP.


  • C1 Rush Floor Settings: Floor 1, Complexity 1, Party Size 1, Dungeon Size Small (auto), Guide Mode (auto).
  • Normal Floor Settings: Floor 36+, Complexity 6, Party Size 5, Dungeon Size Med - Large, Guide Mode ON, Pre-Share OFF.


  • [Non-required Reading: How Your EXP is calculated]
  • Spoiler
    • XP & Tokens Calculation:
    • BaseXP.png.8208426d75a7864e85b053cc9a7cc656.png


    • Floor Number - Floors 1-35 are "c1 rushed" (see "Rushing" right below), Floors 36 and onward are run for XP.
    • Complexity - This determines how frequently doors are "skilling" doors. C6's for high points. C1's for high speed.
    • Party Size - 3 to 5 players are recommended for speed & efficiency. ** Fewer than 3 is not recommended for beginners.
    • Dungeon Size - If you are not rushing, choose Med if beginner and gradually move to doing Larges (more rooms, points).
    • Rooms Opened - Open as many doors as you can. The more you open, the more points.
    • Prestige - This will be 0 for your first 60 floors. This is the total # of floors completed before you Reset (discussed later).
    • Deaths - Each death subtracts a percentage from your points. It is advised to hoard food as a beginner to lower deaths.
    • Guide Mode - Displays the "critical path", the path boss room (saves time) at a ~6-8% loss in EXP. Totally worth doing.




Step 2: C1 Rush F1-35:




C1 Rush Floor Settings: Floor 1, Complexity 1, Party Size 1, Dungeon Size (auto), Guide Mode (auto).

  • Pictured above: "Floor" & "Complexity" interfaces. A Chatbox will appear other options.
  • C1 floors have no Skilling doors nor PvM (Guardian) doors. Just pick up keys and run through them.
  • All C1 bosses (F1-35) will be killable with either melee or ranged, the gear for which are provided in your inventory (if C1 is set).
  • C1 rushing gets you low points, anyway. Deaths mean nothing here. The meta on each will be discussed later.
  • If you have 90+ stats, you will clear the bosses just fine; the key is to experiment and reach out with questions in "Soulgazer" cc.
  • Once you end F35, your "Current Progress" (Ring of Kinship → Party Interface) should read 35. You should now EXIT the floor.
  • To Exit a FloorRing of Kinship → Party Interface → Leave Floor → Space → "Yes." → (Inside Exit Area) Jump Down


NOTE: Don't be Discouraged Early: 

  • C1 floors are fast and you will be lvl ~77 when you are finished with F35.
  • Hang in there! XP-Tokens / hour improve tremendously as your progress improves.
  • It might take an entire day to improve to the point of getting 500k EXP / floor when starting.
  • However! After 60 prestige and F50+, it is possible to get 3.5M EXP per floor during DXP weekend.
  • TLDR: Hang in there. Chaotics will be effortless to get in time.



Step 3: Make Your Gear:



Now You Make Your Binds!:

Bind Floor Settings: Floor 36, Complexity 6, Party Size 5, Dungeon Size Large, Guide Mode ON, Pre-Share OFF.

  • With the C1 rushing floors completed, potentially one more floor is required prior to normal DG'ing.
  • If available, "Soulgazer" cc members can help you with this floor or PM "Soulgazer" for access.
  • For this floor, the sole purpose is to smith your gear. Do not worry about EXP / Tokens. Enter F36 on C6 settings.
  • The gear you smith, here, will be temporary until you find slayer / boss drops to replace it (elaborated in "Bind Meta" in next post).


Gathering Ores Required:

  • During this floor, you will gather 4, 9, or 12 of a given ore type by either buying said ores or mining them.
  • Know that ore spawns within the DG are random, so it is more consistent to loot / sell / buy.
  • Buying Ores from Smuggler: You will need lots of GP. Thieve chests, pick resources (Spiritbloom), and sell monster drops.
  • Most players opt to create Promethium (T10) items. These ores are 102k cash a piece. So 1.224M total coins required.
  • Remember that one promethium rock can give up to ~8 ores,  so crafting everything in one floor is definitely doable.


First Binds:

  • Ammo Bind: 100+ Laws.
  • 1st Bind (DPS)2h Sword of highest tier that you can make.
  • 2nd Bind (DEF): Platebody of highest tier that you can make. 
  • 3rd Bind (DEF)Platelegs of highest tier that you can make. 
  • Once these items are created, right click on them and select the second option "Bind" to bind them, examining what the chatbox says.
  • Make sure that the items bound have a (b) next to their name before exit / finishing the floor. To unbind, click "Destroy" option.



  • At the End of Bind Floor(s): The Highest Tier: 2h Sword (b), Platebody (b), Platelegs (b), and 255+ Laws (b) should be finished.
  • If you cannot bind all these in one floor, do another floor to acquire your binds.



Step 4: Make Gains:




Normal Floor Settings: Floor 36+, Complexity 6, Party Size 5, Dungeon Size Med - Large, Guide Mode ON, Pre-Share OFF.

  • This sub-section assumes that C1 Rushing is complete and you have 2-3 items bound at least (all content above this point)!
  • You are now ready to DG normally! Below are brief concepts on how to efficiently proceed through normal floors, F36-F60.



  • The minimap is DG's greatest tool. If Guide Mode is ON (toggle-retoggle outside dungeon to re-apply it), then minimap shows path.
  • Check your minimap often to see where the team will need to move.
  • After 200,000,000 DG experience, the author of this guide is still checking his map roughly 3x a minute.


Teleporting in C6 DG's:

  • Gating basics and terms are described in the spoiler:

Individual Gates - Gatestone - Cosmic Runes MADE EACH C6 DUNGEON:

  •      Always start C6 floors by selling items on table and runecraft cosmics (27 RC) or have someone make you cosmics for gating.
  •      * Note: Donator ranks Ruby+ start with cosmic runes, skipping the need for this.
  •      When your party cannot open a door and the door is hard to reach, AKA far from "Dungeon Home Teleport", someone gate.
  •      "Gate" - Click on the level 32 spell "Create Gatestone" and then drop Gatestone in the desired location.
  •      When the player teleports to his Gatestone, it is destroyed in the process.


Group Gates - Group Gatestone (GGS) - Law Runes are BOUND:

  •      The party leader (whomever invited the last of the party) spawns with an item call the Group Gatestone (GGS).
  •      With law runes, the level 64 spell "Group Gatestone Teleport" can be used by any party member to teleport to the GGS.
  •      This is the sole reason that your ammo bind as a beginner should be law runes; that way, you can teleport to the GGS.
  •      If out of laws and wishing to teleport to GGS, you can "Dungeon Home Teleport" → click "Group Gatestone Portal" on wall.


Mandatory DG Terms to Know:

  •      MGT - "Move GroupTele" - This is a player wanting someone to move the GGS to their Gatestone location (explained below).
  •      BGT - "Buying GroupTele" - This is a party member wanting someone to drop the GGS so that they can move it to their Gate.
  •      GTGD - "GroupTele to Guardian Door" - When the GGS is in a PvM (Guardian Door) room, a member wants others to TP/clear.
  •      [Gating Abbreviation] - Ex: "ccr gated w" - 1-2 letters of door color and 2 letters of door shape and part of dungeon it's in.



Summarizing the Above: Entire Team Wants to TP to a Room ( CRITICAL CONCEPT ) :

  • It is mandatory for the reader to understand the scenario below:


  • The entire team wants to teleport to another part of the dungeon. Very common practice. Probably 2-4x per player per dungeon.
  • This is the reason that law runes (GroupTele) are bound in the Bind Floor and that cosmics (Gatestone) are crafted every floor.
  • Say, 4 party members are in dungeon's NW corner and the final door (Yellow Wedge) is at the SW corner where Player #5 is.


  •          Player #5
  •                      Player #5 types "ywe gated sw" in chat - Written out would be: "YWE door gated SouthWest".
  •                      Typed in the chat so the group knows door type and where it is located for future reference.
  •                     Creates Gatestone (lvl 32 spell) at the YWE door AND DROPS Gatestone on the Ground.
  •          Players #1-4:
  •                     Usually the keyer (Player #1) would type "mgt ywe" - Written out would be: "Move GroupTele to YWE door".
  •                     This is letting #5 know to move the GGS to his gate so that the entire party can teleport to that location.
  •                     Keyer drops GGS on the ground so that #5 can pick it up.
  •          Player #5:
  •                     Player #5 teleports (lvl 64 spell) to the GGS after he is sure that his Gatestone is on the ground.
  •                                    [If Keyer forgot to drop the GGS]: #5 would say "bgt" (Buying GroupTele) as a reminder to drop GGS.
  •                     #5 Picks up GGS and clicks "Gatestone Teleport" (lvl 32 spell), bringing him & GGS to his Gatestone.
  •                     #5 Drops the GGS on the Ground for the keyer to pick up.
  •          Players #1-4:
  •                     Teleports (lvl 64 spell) to newly-moved GGS across the map.
  •                     Keyer picks up the GGS and resumes pathing.




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Boss Mechanics:


C1 Bosses [F1 - F35]:


Frozen Floors [F1-11]: 


Gluttonous Behemoth [F1-11]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: Weak to Slash. Stomp attack! Both sides of the Behemoth must have players so that the access to food is blocked. The Behemoth only heals to full hp once if eating occurs.


Astea Frostweb [F1-11]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: Able to freeze players disabling their movement. She also summons weak ice spiders. Advised to place GGS at end in the event of freeze attack.


Icy Bones [F1-11]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: Special: Icy Bones has a typeless attack that hits through protection prayers. Weak to Crush. Icy bones occasionally makes a ring of ice in the boss room.


Luminescent Icefiend [F3-11]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: Icefiend, after portions of its HP are depleted, will seal itself in Ice. When this happens, run/walk away quickly as if caught in the ice attack, will stunlock the character reducing him to sub-10 hp. This will occur 3-4 times throughout a fight.


Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz ⁠[F6-11]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: Attempts to Melee this boss will drag you across the ice, so Hexing preferred.


To'Kash the Bloodchiller ⁠⁠[F9-11]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: To'Kash will freeze you in place, requiring a teammates to break the ice and free you.

Abandoned I [12-17] & Abandoned II [30-35] Floors: 


Skeletal Horde/Divine Skinweaver [F12-17, F30-35]:

  • Hexable?: Yes. (Mages only!)
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: You can see in your chatbox when it is time to close a tunnel by clicking on the tunnel. Crush style is best. Melee armor offers good protection from everything in the room, mages included. After the last tunnel is closed, if there are more doors left in the map, do not kill any more skeletons as they will disappear over time. Hex is good because you can stand on the healing pad to heal.


Hobgoblin Geomancer [F12-17, F30-35]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: Yes.
  • Mechanics: Geomancer will attempt to turn off everyone’s prayers at random and heals if you have any prayer/curse on. Worst abandoned boss on a 5:5 large due to its high defence and max hit, bind spell, and ability to turn off your prayers. Once Ragered a little, Hex > Melee. Spam clicking geomancer as it teleports to automatically run next to it.


Bulwark Beast [F12-17, F30-35]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: Yes. Ragers can hit through armor, so familiar special attack immediately!
  • Mechanics: C1 floors – Mage Bulwark. C6 floors – Break its armor by kicking it with leech defence on, as unarmed attacks are tick(s) faster then hex Bulwark when armor gone. Prayed Ranged. If Pray Mage, your prayer will be drained. Bypass Armor: Typeless damage (Blood Necklace & Wrath), Ragers, Magic do not require armor reduction.


Unholy Cursebearer [F15-17, F30-35]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: Weak to Range and Crush. Boss drains your stats and you can opt to restore stats at the cost of healing the boss. If you all have hexes, it may be best to ignore the unholy fonts altogether. Only restore your stats once they get in the 60s, and if boss is high HP. You can recharge your stats even after the boss dies, so remember to do that if there are more rooms.


Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan [F30-35]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: Mediocre.
  • Mechanics: When shadow forger glows hide behind any of the 4 pillars. Can only be attacked from zones directly (as opposed to diagonally) adjacent to him. If you are meleeing, Pray Melee and dodge its attacks by standing behind the pillar. The whole team should spread out to reduce the overall damage of the AoE attacks.


Bal'lak the Pummeller ⁠⁠[F33-35]

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: Bal'lak's defence level grows over time, requiring the player to lead him over green hitsplats to lower said defence. Thus, it is not recommended to solo this boss in C6's.

Furnished Floors [F18-29]: 


Rammernaut [F18-29]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No, unless C6.
  • Mechanics: Has both a stomp and a stun. Magic is meta vs Rammernaut, but CSB’s currently not in Onyx. Players can all stand in corner to minimize Rammernaut’s special. Ragers are strong for C6.


Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter [F18-29]:

  • Hexable?: Only after Rager’d.
  • Rager?: No, unless C6.
  • Mechanics: Has a special which poisons, a special which lowers stats and a special which damages players exponentially based on time. Ragers are a MUST for C6. Has a stomp attack.


Stomp [F18-29]:

  • Hexable?: No.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: This boss has 3 stages (blue, green, red – random) in which you need to quickly collect a pair of crystals and place on lodestones which are located on the sides of stomp. Rocks will fall which may need to be mined during this time window. Weak to Slash. If in C6, gating with Gatestone and GGS directly adjacent to Stomp is helpful. Useful tactic: Blood necklace hits through Stomp’s immunity, so position Blood Necklace player adjacent to Stomp to cancel 3rd stage and deal remaining 1 hp.


Lexicus Runewright [F20-29]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: Mediocre.
  • Mechanics: Hex is the meta. Second best option is Slash. Lexicus teleports around the corners and middle of the room and occasionally uses his special, "Book Barrage!" which sends exploding books to the current position of the player. To avoid this attack, simply run away when Lexicus yells it. On Onyx, Lexicus’ special attack damage is likely a One-Hit KO if un-dodged.


Sagittare [F23-29]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: Note that Sagittare’s (a ranger) attacks are magic-based, so Pray Magic. Hex works remarkably well, even through Sagittare’s Range protection prayer. Easiest to have 2+ hexers shoot at him rather than chase him around his spiral lair. His “Arrow Rain!” attack does nothing on Onyx. Gatestone / GGS placement around the room is convenient for meleers, as Sagittare will bind or turn off run energy randomly.


Night-gazer Khighorahk [F26-29]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: Hex / Range / Mage this boss from a distance, as its special attack is very damaging. There are four Pillars of light, each in a corner of the room. It is necessary to light at least one pillar, or the Night-gazer will be completely invincible. The more pillars that are lit, the more damage can be dealt onto the boss. The pillars go out occasionally, more so when the monster’s special attack hits. During the second phase of the fight, all pillars are permanently lit and the boss is easy to kill.


C6 Bosses [F36 - F60]:


Occult Floors [F36-47]: 


Skeletal Trio [F36-47]:

  • Hexable?: No
  • Rager?: Yes. (Mage)
  • Mechanics: There are 3 bosses to kill, representing the three sides of the combat triangle. The mage and ranger hit accurately; the warrior is rather inaccurate, but can hit hard. Kill Order: Mage (Weak to Slash) > Ranger (Weak to Slash) >> Meleer (Weak to Crush). Meleer can be bound via Entangle, etc to stop its movement.


Runebound Behemoth [F36-47]:

  • Hexable?: Yes. (Range Pedestal Down)
  • Rager?: Yes. (Melee Pedestal Down)
  • Mechanics: The boss is immune to the 3 combat styles until the respective pedestal (corners of the room) has been recently clicked down. Runebound’s current immunities are listed on its overhead prayers. Occasionally, the boss will check if all three of its immunity prayers are active: If they are, he unleashes an attack that hits in 4 damage splats which can be run from. Therefore, it is recommended to alternate clicking between the melee and range pedestals and have one damage type available for team usage throughout the fight. It is possible to hide behind a pillar to prevent damage in emergencies. The boss does have a stomp attack and because it is a large boss, consideration should be given as to where to place the GGS / Gatestone.


Gravecreeper [F36-47]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: Yes
  • Mechanics: When Gravecreeper says “Burnn,” the boss will spawn purple squares that do damage every tick. Therefore, it meleers must lure the boss; this makes ranging / maging the meta. Hexing is very strong against Gravecreeper. When the boss says “buuuuury,” bless tombstones (appear as purple) as fast as you can. The two squares by the boss door and end ladder are safespots. It is best to bless multiple tombstones as the boss may re-appear too far in the bossroom, dragging you out into the purple, even if ranging / maging.


Necrolord [F39-47]:

  • Hexable?: Yes. Incredible DPS.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: Range or Mage is mandatory, as boss is behind a barrier the entire fight. Pray Mage when boss is alone and Pray Melee when Necrolord summons his skeleton army. Necrolord has high, if not the highest, magic level in all of DG. Thus, the Hexhunter bow is meta for this boss by a wide margin. One Hexer can solo this boss, even in highest settings.


Flesh-spoiler Haasghenahk [F42-47]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: Boss will first attack with magic and when HP depleted, second phase begins with the boss spawning multiple melee minions which attack rapidly. Pray Mage during first phase and Pray Melee during second phase. Hexer can solo the boss. Slash is best DPS style for Meleer if no Hex.


Yk'Lagor the Thunderous [F45-47]:

  • Hexable?: No.
  • Rager?: No.
  • Mechanics: This boss should not be soloed, as door-lag can make reaction to Thunderous’ special attacks difficult, which could result in the boss healing or doing devastating damage. Thunderous is originally locked underneath mage circle’s spell; attack mages to release him. If any text appears above Thunderous’ head, players must immediately run behind one of the four pillars on the sides of the bossroom. “Come Closer” special pulls players in and disables their prayers while healing the boss. “This is True Power!” will One-Hit KO any players not behind pillars. Always pray Mage against Thunderous. Thunderous drains prayer faster at higher prayer point levels. Thunderous uses a special attack every 15 seconds which is enough for four 2h hits.

Warped Floors [F48-60]: 


Blink [F48-60]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: Absolutely.
  • Mechanics: Blink has a running phase (raise a pillar for Blink to crash into) and a stationary phase (DPS him quickly). You can only raise 1 pillar at a time. Pray Mage at all times. Ragers are helpful, as Blink does a lot of damage on Onyx relative to his original coding. Hex is better than melee once blink has taken a lot of damage from Rager specs.


Warped Gulega [F48-60]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: Absolutely.
  • Mechanics: Gulega has extremely high defence and damage to him is reduced by a high percentage, but Ragers hits do not seem to be reduced to the same extent on him and are generally accurate. Gulega’s attacks have 4 forms: 3 regular attacks and one special. When he raises his arms and a yellow blob appears above your head, Pray Mage. When he pushes his head forward and a green blob comes toward you, Pray Ranged. At all other times, Pray Melee. When spikes appear around you, you must run at least one step from your current location. Otherwise, you will be dealt down to 1 HP.


Dreadnaut [F48-60]:

  • Hexable?: Yes. Incredible DPS.
  • Rager?: Absolutely.
  • Mechanics: Pray Melee against Dreadnaut. Hex is meta on Onyx against this boss. Dreadnaut has two special attacks. For the first, he summons brown splats on the ground which deal significant damage while stepped on. It is unwise to have the GGS on top of these spots, as teleporting teammates may take lots of unnecessary damage. It is advisable to keep moving at nearly all times for this reason if you have the GGS. Dreadnaut’s second special has an animation where he “looks” at the player with a beam coming from his eyes. This special greatly lowers the player’s magic level (perhaps to the point of not being able to teleport to GGS (level 64 magic requirement) while lowering their protection prayer.


Hope Devourer [F51-60]:

  • Hexable?: Yes. Incredible DPS.
  • Rager?: Mediocre.
  • Mechanics: Hope does very high melee attack damage and focuses one player at a time. As such, it’s best for the majority of players (“blockers”) to Pray Melee and melee Hope, while the focused player is behind the blockers. Ideally, Blockers should not be trampled if correctly positioned and static, and they should be a little bit spread out around the boss. If necessary, lure Hope away from the boss-door as he can trample. Occasionally, Hope will say “Groaaaarrr” and if seen, all players in boss room should turn off any protection prayer, or Hope will heal and disable said prayer.


World-gorger Shukarhazh [F54-60]:

  • Hexable?: Yes.
  • Rager?: Absolutely.
  • Mechanics: Gorger has 3 eyes on each of the walls that does not contain the boss-door. Each eye is weak to the style of the eye, ex: Range eye is weak to Hex. Each eye you kill reduces Gorger’s damage reduction by ~30%.


Kal'Ger the Warmonger [57-60]:

  • Hexable?: Only on Form 3 (Kal’Ger Mage Form).
  • Rager?: Mediocre.
  • Mechanics: Kal’Ger is without a doubt the most challenging boss in Onyx DG. He has 6 forms which will be located either Doorside (near the boss-door) or Farside (across the lava pit). Traverse the lava by clicking on the floating orb. Note that Kal’Ger may briefly pull players into the lava then to him if players are standing on the opposite side for too long. Kal’Ger has a special attack that lowers player’s HP to 1 after he says ‘Enough!’. This can be dodged by teleporting to the GGS. Kal’Ger’s stomp is devastating (40+ AoE damage) so do not walk under.
  •      Form 1-2 [Kal'Ger Melees @ Doorside]:   Use Crush style, Pray Melee, Turmoil / Piety.  
  •      Form 3 [Kal'Ger Mages @ Farside]:          Use Hex, Pray Mage, Use Rigour / Leech Range. If no Hexer, bring GGS across lava.
  •      Form 4 [Kal'Ger Melees @ Doorside]:      Use Crush style, Pray Melee, Turmoil / Piety.
  •      Form 5 [Kal'Ger Ranges @ Farside]:         Use Slash style, Pray Range, Turmoil / Piety.
  •      Form 6 [Kal'Ger Melees @ Doorside]:      Use Crush style, Pray Melee, Do Not Use Leeches / Turmoil / Piety.







  • Potions are listed here, stratified by strength. IE: Sagewort < Wormwood < Winter's Grip. 
  •       Weak Skilling Potions        Boost 3 + 2% of levels. 
  •       Medium Skilling Potions   Boost 4 + 4% of levels. 
  •       Strong Skilling Potions      Boost 6 + 6% of levels. 




  • Note that only the first drops listed in boss drops will drop, as was seen in test runs.
  • That means that, for example, Stomp (F18) would only drop Coifs.
  • Also, for each theme, the recommended farming floors are listed.





'BIS' Criteria:


DPS Output  >>  DPS Variety  >  Survival / Spacing

  • DPS — If you want fast floors, you must kill BOTH GD's & bosses quickly.
  • Variety — Many bosses (Trio, RuneBound, etc) require 2+ DPS sources, AKA melee and ranged.
  • Survival — (Armor) Deaths in DG lower EXP/tokens and waste time. Even for players who suicide floors, items that boost survival are important.
  • Spacing — (Weapons) Items that increase the distance between players and bosses are valuable for team utility.


BIS Gear (In Order of Importance):


Ranged Weapon - Hexhunter Bow (Hexbow)

  • DPS — Incredible.
  • Variety — Ranged, needs Melee weapon complement.
  • Spacing — Incredible.


Body Armor - Sagittarian Body (Saggi Body)

  • DPS — 
  • Variety — 
  • Survival — 


Melee Weapon - Primal 2Handed Sword (P2h)

  • DPS — 
  • Variety — 
  • Spacing — 


Helmet - Shadow Silk Hood (SSH)

  • DPS — 
  • Variety — 
  • Survival — 


Amulet - Blood Necklace (BNeck)

  • DPS — 
  • Variety — 
  • Survival — 


Leg Armor - Sagittarian Legs (Saggi Legs)

  • DPS — 
  • Variety — 
  • Survival — 



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Kind of speed read through the guide, and it looks amazing man. Can tell that a lot of work and time was put into this, thank you for providing the community with this guide, especially Dungeoneering also. Much appreciated !

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Very nice preview so far, looking forward to see the rest of the guide!


You can just edit the post and add more content whenever you want :)

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Guys this guide is insane , I followed it up and got my chaotic in no time for real , THANK YOU SOULGAZER <3

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Extremely helpful helped me with both my Dung knowledge as well as helping me obtain my chaotics tyvm amazing guide.

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