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ONYX II UPDATE #15: New Templar Mace Custom Item, Upgrade Chest Salvage System, Gem Bag and Coal bag, Party Pete's Party Room Chest & Lever, Updated Game Settings, Bug/QoL Fixes & MORE!

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May 3, 2020


Hello everyone, I hope you all have been well. I am excited to announce not only an update which mostly consists of quality of life/bug features but would like to formally welcome @Simplex to the development team. As many of you already know, Onyx has been on a steady climb with growing our playerbase and with higher numbers we decided to tackle some ambitious projects in the near future and have Simplex held on the development side along with Dragonkk. 


*note: Please note that Dragonkk will continue to be our primary developer and any suggestions or bugs that you find should continue to go to Dragonkk, Zio, and myself so that we may prioritize what should be worked on. 


25588.pngNew Templar Mace25588.png


Introducing our newest custom, The Templar Mace. This item is a combination of the Annihilation and Inquisitors Mace and will have the stats to back up this combination.



This will become the new bis weapon in terms of the crush attack style


As a bonus to the FIRST person who obtains an Inquisitor's Mace drop from Nightmare of Ashihama, an Annihilation will be awarded by an Admin as well. This will translate to an instant upgrade to the Templar Mace for the FIRST person to get the drop. 




💻Updated Game Settings💻


All Game settings have now been organized in their respective spots to give our interface a cleaner and more organized way to customize your game the way that you would like without the need to scroll down.




Additionally, players will now be able to toggle several different yell announcments such as voting, donations, and Boxes.


🎉Party Pete's Party Room🎉


Party Pete's Party Room lever and chest will now be functioning as intended. Players will have the option to place any item(s) inside the Party Room Chest and once the lever has been pulled, balloons will fall from the ceiling which may contain some of the items or nothing at all!




I look forward to seeing many cool drop parties and events hosted by both staff and players!


♻️Upgrade Chest Salvage System♻️


After Seeing so many F's in the chat whenever a bcp is eating by the almighty Upgrade Chest, we have decided to introduce a bit of a way it can pay back moving forward and thus making Upgrade Gem's obtainable in-game. Additionally, Godswords may now be used on an upgrade box for a chance to get the Almighty Godsword.




Upon failure to upgrade an item on the upgrade chest, players will now receive upgrade dust which can eventually be used to craft upgrade gems. From now on, players will receive uprade dust in an amount that corresponds the item they failed to upgrade. Once the player has obtained 1M upgrade dust, they will be able to craft an Upgrade Gem.


*note: Upgrade gems guarantee a 100% sucess rate of upgrading an item. Please keep in mind that some items require multiple gems to upgrade depending on their respective tiers


💎Gem bags💎


Gem Bags will allow players to store their uncut gems. This will mostly be beneficial when at shilo village gem rocks or other gem rocks located across donated zones. This bag will be able to hold a maximum of 60 of each gem and a total of 300 overall.




These may be purchased from the Vote Guide at ::shops for 50 vote tickets



👜Coal Bags👜


Similar to the Gem Bag, a Coal bag will be able to store coal making mining trips more efficient overall. This will hold a maximum of 27 coal and may be used to transport a total of 54 coal per bank run effectively doubling your resources.




These may be purchased from the Vote Guide at ::shops for 30 vote tickets.



🌟Quality of Life/Player Suggested Updates/Bug Fixes🌟


  1. A warning is now given before accepting a wilderness slayer task from Krystilia.
  2. Removed latest update interface.
  3. Fixed lag issues + increased client performance.
  4. Nomad now drops bones 100% of the time.
  5. Fixed a bug with summoning not being added to combat level in certain areas within the wilderness.
  6. The Onyx Boss's hp will now scale depending on the amount of players online.
  7. Hardcore Ironman's game title color has been changed from grey to red.
  8. Hardcore Ironman may now use the same shops as regular Ironman.
  9. Easter Event has now been disabled.
  10. Sawmill will now indicate that a minimum of 80 wc is required to enter if the level is not met.
  11. Added Uglug Nar's shop.
  12. osrs hitbar and gameframe is now turned on by default for all new accounts
  13. Ivandis Flail will now degrade in one hour.
  14. Increased the amount of dragon darts obtained by hunting kingly implings and dragon implings.
  15. Fixed a bug which caused coins to be deleting when having 28 items in the trade window and adding coins from money pouch.
  16. Players may now see how many coins the other player they are trading can hold.
  17. Fixed a bug on the top floor of the gnome agility course.
  18. Weeds from all farming patches will now grow at a slower rate.
  19. Only drops that announce will now show the loot beam.
  20. Changed it so knives/axes obtained from hydra to uncommon.
  21. Removed lore books from gwd.
  22. Anvils will now detect what bars you have in your inventory while smithing.
  23. Changed default graphics options to be more like osrs.
  24. Added osrs dialogue frames when using the osrs gameframe.
  25. Added Ak-Haranu Shop.
  26. Added bolt racks to the gear guide at ::shops.
  27. Removed prayer scrolls from dungeoneering shop, they are unlocked by default.
  28. Corrected Ancient Wyvern Shield smithing requirement and message.
  29. Spamming pickpocket no longer cancels the action.
  30. npcs will no longer face players when pickpocketing.
  31. Changed [warning] to [broadcast] and added a ::broadcast command for staff.
  32. Increased fighter torso drop rate and pennance/healer items were changed from rare to uncommon.
  33. Corrected a typo on the spec bar orb.
  34. Renamed Robin to Voting Guide.
  35. Removed the Comp Cape Requirement "Gamble a Party Hat".
  36. Added Comp Cape Requirement: Host a drop party that's 1B+.
  37. Fixed a bug with ToB Scenery Shadows.
  38. Removed the cap of Pest Control Points.
  39. Increased Basilisk Jaw drop rate.
  40. Balanced Global Rare Drop Table.
  41. Fixed a bug causing Magic Shortbow and Saradomin Sword stats to be wrong.
  42. A Vote reminder will now indicate upon login if your vote boost is currently active.
  43. If a player dies upon the wilderness stepping stones, they will not longer get teleported back to the wilderness.
  44. Donations, Boxes, and Votes may now be filtered on/off.
  45. God Mystery Box global announcement has been lowered to only announce items of higher rarity.
  46. Added Inquisitor armor set effect.
  47. Fixed a bug on equiptment intferface which showed incorrect stab and crush stats when viewed.
  48. Fixed a bug involving Nightwalkers on the Nightmare Boss.
  49. Godswords may now be used on the Upgrade Chest for a chance to obtain the Almighty Godsword.
  50. Fixed a bug with head models on dialogues.
  51. Fixed a bug which would cause your ingame name to be invisible when switching from "Fixed" to "re-sizable" on the osrs game frame.

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Nice update, but would like to see skiller shop added with passive skiller points/tokens for unique cosmetics or material mystery boxes

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great updates there and nice to see a few bugs fixed that i reported, hopefully ironmen don't have to host this 1b + drop party XD

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5 hours ago, Rowls said:

great updates there and nice to see a few bugs fixed that i reported, hopefully ironmen don't have to host this 1b + drop party XD

Don't worry. the Requirement isn't necessary for iron man accounts. It should be show flagged as completed once you login. Also 1b+ drop party is based on ge values, so people can add items above market price instead of coins.

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