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Cerberus guide - loot from 100 kills

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Hey guys new video today also a short one so I apologise for those who were asking for a longer one. 
today I made a short simple Cerberus guide and added loot from 100 kills 

Cerberus guide - LOOT FROM 100 CERBERUS! - Onyx rsps

thanks for watching stay tuned for the next one 

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It's a neat idea, but as I explained in game this way of killing Cerberus is needlessly complicated on onyx. With soul split, it's much easier to eat once or twice or use the unicorn's special attack to heal. Saves loads on supplies. Even a low tier ironman like mine can do it, with barely any gear. I did it with a karils top, slayer helm, arclight, dragon defender, bandos tassets (might as well have been veracs skirt or something similar), addy boots and b gloves. You really don't need great gear for it to be a better method.

I like the idea of videos like this, but maybe ask around a bit how people do certain bosses on Onyx so you know you've got the best/most efficient methods as they're usually not the same as on OSRS.


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