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Drop Rate Explained

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Hello and welcome to the Drop Rate Explained thread.


Thread Explanation

So in Onyx there is a multiple number of items/tasks/things to do that affect your drop rate of items in the game. This benefits you by reducing the average number of kills on any particular monster for their drops, e.g. if nomad drops the wings of wealth in a 1/1000 rate and you have 200% drop rate then you can expect this on average at 1/500. Below i will explain each of these and provide links to the relative locations / guides on where you can get these.


Game Mode

There is 4 game modes in Onyx and each gives you a different drop rate.

Normal - 100%

Ironman - 105%

Hardcore Ironman - 110%

Expert - 115%



There's a few items in game which can also affect your drop rate, please see below and any attached guides for more information.

Wings of Wealth - This aura has no cooldown and is tradeable, it also provides a 10% increase. You can either kill nomad for these on a 1/1000 drop rate or donate for them here.

Ring of Wealth (i) - This ring provides a 3% drop rate bonus whilst equipped, you can buy it on the grand exchange, Donate  or buy it for 25k blood money from mandrith.

Pets - With the huge array of pets available there's several that provide you a drop rate boost whilst summoned, these range from 2% to 10% and you can view the full list of pet benefits in this awesome guide by @Omega located here.


Other Options

Aside from the game modes there's several other options in which you can increase your droprate - see below:


Voting - you can vote for a 10% drop rate increase for 12 hours

Donating - depending on your donator rank you can get a drop rate increase up to an additional 100%, for more info on this click here

Well of Goodwill - on the east side of the bank at ::home there is the well of goodwill in which you can donate in game money to activate a global drop rate to all players of 5% - the amount donated will determine how long the bonus is active for.

Achievement Diary Tasks - in the quest tab you can click the Green icon to see the list of tasks in game, completing all of these adds a permanent 5% drop rate to your account,



I hope you enjoyed this brief guide explaining drop rates and how to obtain the

relevant items required to improve it, if i have missed anything then please

feel free to let me know below.


Many Thanks


Rowls / Zeus

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pet rate changed

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Nice and neat thread, straightforward with the information as well. There have been thread around the forums explaining the drop rates, but this one puts it all together. Nice to finally have a thread that shows players (especially new) all the drop rate boosts possible in game in just a single thread. Thank you for this, nicely done :) 

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