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Pet Bonus Rework Suggestion

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Posted (edited)

When I grinded 400 kc to get my nightmare pet I expected the pet to be =/> than my Nomad pet. Nomad is a very simple, afk boss after all. I grinded 1k nomad kc for the pet, and I am 100% proud of it, but the fact that I have to use a Nightmare boss pet switch to Nomad switch when I am at nightmare is a drag, and honestly quite disappointing to say the least.

I know some will see this as ranting, but I genuinely see this as an issue. Why is a pet that you can afk, better than Nightmare pet, Nex pet, Corp pet, and is equal to Onyx pet? 
I think that change would be nice, and one change that I am suggesting is a pet bonus rework.



My suggestion

  • Add drop rate bonus's to each pet for their respected boss, nightmare giving 5% drop rate bonus at nightmare, Nex pet giving 5% drop rate bonus at nex, Onyx pet giving a universal 5% drop rate, and 10% drop rate for onyx boss etc.


Disclaimer: This is my opinion, this does not necessarily represent the onyx staff team's opinion as a whole. 

- Corper

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i support the fact in changing the droprate, an alternate suggestion would be a % global drop rate boost dependent upon the difficulty.

bandos etc 3%
qbd etc 4%
Nex/Nightmare/Onyx etc 5%

the more mechanics/harder the boss the better the DR percentage.

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