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ONYX II UPDATE #14: New Custom Easter Event + Items, OSRS Game-frame, Fight Caves Test Mode, Bug/ToB Fixes, QoL AND MORE!

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April 13, 2020


🥚Happy Easter!🥚



Hello everyone and Happy Easter! The Onyx staff team is proud to present our Easter Event! This will be ongoing from April 13 until April 27. During this time, players may collect eggs dropped by either pvm or skilling and trade them in to the Easter Bunny as a currency.   




Additionally we will be bringing in a limited time 25586.pngEaster Mystery Basket, which is now available for the duration of the event in the Donator Store. These will give you a variety of juicy loot you can enjoy! Each basket contains three different rewards, you will always receive a Millionaries Box worth of cash, a roll at a high tier gear item, and a cosmetic for Easter. We even added legendary limited edition re-skinned powerful items to celebrate the holiday spirit. Will you be lucky enough to roll yourself a new piece of the corrupted chicken set or perhaps a Party Hat? Or maybe you'll get your hands on one of the new corrupted bunny weapons?


💻OSRS Gameframe is now LIVE!💻



As many of you know, Onyx strives to have a 1:1 ratio with the live game and we are proud to announce that the entire game-frame has been re done to give that osrs feel to it. 


👊Fight Caves Test Mode!👊



Just like we have a test mode for inferno, we have added one to fight caves as many returning players have requested it to test out the mechanics of the Jad fight. With this test mode you will start on the final wave and be able to practice Jad as much as you want!



🌟Quality of Life/Player Suggested Updates/Bug Fixes🌟


  1. Added Nightmare rare drops to Super Mystery Boxes. 
  2. Chaotic Rapier rarity has been lowered from Legendary to Very Rare from Super Mystery Boxes.
  3. Fixed a rare issue in which kills would not count for a boss record.
  4. Templar armor will now give a 1.6% damage boost per piece as well as the damage reduction effect from justiciar
  5. Nightmare Boss has been added to Boss of the day and Boss Slayer Tasks.
  6. All Twisted Bows will now scale damage more accurately against Nylocas, Demonic Gorillas, and Cerberus.
  7. Dark Bow special attack will now consume 55% of special attack instead of 65%.
  8. Fixed an issue where certain armors/cosmetics did not scale correctly on female player characters.
  9. Tornados spawned by Lady Verzik will now target and damage a player correctly.
  10. The Bloat may now be damaged as it is walking away and is no longer immune.
  11. Fixed an issue while examining drops, structured the table to be more accurate when showing rates.
  12. Players may join the Nightmare Boss if it there are players there fighting it.
  13. Anyone participating in a Nightmare Boss kill will now get KC if participating and will count as a boss slayer task.
  14. Nex will now auto-lootshare .
  15. Added Onyx Ring (i) to the slayer shop.
  16. Pillars from the Nightmare Boss will now take 200% magic damage and 33% non-mage damage.
  17. Nylocas Matomenos will now heal correctly if not killed properly.
  18. Fixed a glitch in which Nightmare Boss would drop the same item twice.
  19. Fixed a bug in which spiders spawned from Lady Verzik would damage a player multiple times if contact is made.
  20. Fixed an issue in which the bloat would cause the screen to shake constantly if killed at the same time the effect starts.
  21. Fixed a bug that did not allow you to teleport if you had 0 magic.
  22. Fixed a bug in which non mage specs consumes special attack bar when enabled with auto-cast spells. Volatile spec acts like a mage distance attack while specing even if a spell is not currently active.
  23. Improved drop rate of all Dagannoth Kings by 400%.
  24. Surge spells will now deal damage based on osrs instead of pre-eoc.
  25. Patched a glitch in which players were able to smuggle items out of dungeoneering. If any items are smuggled using a different method, they will automatically be deleted once exiting the current dungeon.
  26. Changed upgrade chest message from "failiure" to "failed".
  27. Added a quick teleport to Nightmare boss. ::Nightmare.
  28. Added Falador agility shortcuts.
  29. While in fixed mode, you may rotate the camera using the mouse wheel while the mouse is outside of the game screen.
  30. Fixed a bug which gave a burnt shrimp from a raw sardine.
  31. Added more trivia questions.

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