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Theatre of Blood Beginner Guide

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It's finally here... The beginner guide to Theatre of Blood


So first of all this guide is not  in depth. This guide will allow a player without any previous knowledge of TOB to start practicing it in a team. I tried to make the guide as short as possible with only the necessary information.

Several techniques to make a raid faster or more fluent are not included, for example freezing the third set of healers on maiden or diagonal paths on sotetseg. More in depth techniques and/or tips might be added in text later. For now this should be enough for anyone with the following requirements:

When making the guide I assumed a things would be achieved by the player attempting TOB:

- maxed combat excluding summoning

- basic understanding of prayer switching

- being able to watch out for attacks and act upon


Some things worth noting about the video:

 - I am not a Youtuber, my mic is not the best and this was actually first time making a video like this

 - The kill shown in background is probably one of the worst kills I've done with Versace (shoutout to him for duo'ing)

 - I was playing on fixed, I suggest playing on re-sizable if you can (fixed was just for recording purposes)

 - Bloat kill is from another raid as the one in the duo with Versace did not go well


The Guide

More complicated techniques and/or tips:

 - To be added.


Feel free to pm me in-game, on discord or leave a comment with any questions.

Edit: Since 27th of March 2020, curses are no longer allowed in ToB. This means you can no longer soulsplit Xarpus or soulsplit flick to get health back.

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Very nice guide, I'm sorry to @SHN and to everyone for that raid however, was a horrible one in my opinion and never really are that bad, but nevertheless the guide itself is beyond amazing. Hopefully this will give people a nice introduction for raids 2 and spike tob runs in game. If you'd like to make another video for advanced tips and techniques I'll be more than happy to assist in that too (and I promise this raid will be much better, i'll pay attention lol) :) 

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