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Onyx Mystery Box Loot Drop Tables!

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Onyx Mystery Box Loot Drop Tables

Hey Everyone,

As many of you have asked due to curiosity, I have decided that it will be beneficial to have a thread on our forums dedicated to outlining the exact rewards you can receive from our various Mystery Boxes.

Each of these Boxes can be purchased from our webstore, the in-game penguin donation shop, won from giveaways or events, or rewarded throughout the game.

Each Box has it's own unique drop tables giving you a variety of item possibilities to choose from.

Following is a list of our available Mystery Boxes along with their respective drop tables.


Millionaire's Box ($4):

This Mystery Box rewards the player with coins! A player can obtain anywhere from 8m-140m+!



Super Mystery Box ($6):

These Mystery Boxes reward the player with a wide range of item possibilities. From Coins and Dragon Items all the way to a Twisted Bow!

Good Luck!



Premium Mystery Box (N/A):

These boxes are a possible reward from our Super Mystery Boxes, and other events. They have the same drop table as a Super Mystery Box but grants you a 50% bonus chance at getting an uncommon - rare+ drop!


God Mystery Box ($10):

These boxes are themed around the God Wars Dungeon and thus reward you with their respective items. The loot can be real juicy!



Pet Mystery Box ($10):

These boxes are designed to make your playing experience better by giving you a pet! What will you pull? A squirrel or shrimpy? Maybe an Onyx Boss pet?



Thanks for taking your time to view this thread. As time goes on we will be updating the possible loot as well as perhaps adding new boxes. We hope you found this thread useful, comment down below if we missed anything or if you would like us to make an addition or have a suggestion!

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Awesome guide, for those who don't know, you can also just right click on the box and it'll give option to see rewards!

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