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Corp0ration - Elite Onyx Clan [Open] (New Discord Link)

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Corp0ration - Elite Onyx Clan


Status: Open
Clan Founder: Corper
Clan Leaders: Corper, Zaraxed, Today
Clan Members: Antartica, Bines, Cope Longcut, Corper, Dabomb, Daemon, Didgeridont, Didgeridoo, Eatacake, Ext Stoner, Fix, Hc Bear, Hildagard, Iron Astor, Karl Walsh, Knightastor, Mac, Mrzonesix, Nikogud, Normal Steve, Onyxer, Proderp, Rattfink, Rip, Spirit, Spyro, Sssla Styles, Suicune, Timmeh, Versace, Zaraxed
Discord: https://discord.gg/fsYpJxF
Timezone: EST (server time)


I. About us
We are a PvM, and Social clan here on onyx. Here at Corp0ration we'd like to give our clan members the best clan experience offered on onyx.

We will primarily be focused on PvM content, but also Social interactions, PvP, Minigames, and even clan exclusive events!



II. How to apply to Corp0ration

  • Step 1. Join our discord 
  • Step 2. Fill in our application under #applications
  • Step 3. Pm Corper on discord or onyx after filling out application
  • Step 4. Wait for an invite

If you are toxic, or are known for breaking a lot of rules, you may be declined under
certain circumstances. If you fail to meet all of the requirements needed to join the clan
you may also be declined. (will let some requirements slide)



III. Point System

  • Clan Events = 2 points
  • Onyx Events = 1 point
  • $5 donation = 1 point
  • Each 100m GP made in PvM drops = 1 point
  • Each Pet drop (including skilling pets) = 1 point
  • Donating 1b to wishing well = 3 points



IV. Ranking System
Recruit = 0 Points
Corporal = 5 Points
Sergeant = 20 Points
Lieutenant = 40 points
Captain = 80 Points
General = 150 points
Admin = 100 Points+ (Must apply and be accepted for rank)
Organizer = 200 Points+ (Must apply and be accepted for rank)
Coordinator = 250 Points+ (Must apply and be accepted for rank)
Overseer = 350 Points+ (Must apply and be accepted for rank)
Deputy Owner = (Must apply and be accepted for rank)



V. Rules 

  • Must follow all onyx rules
  • No toxicity (racism, flaming, flame baiting, being a dick)
  • No disrespecting staff, clan members, or rival clans.
  • Must listen to onyx staff, and clan leaders.
Edited by Corper

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This Corp0ration is LEGITIMATE! We gonna have some goood fun :)

Also, would be hella fun to actually have more clans on Onyx so legooo!

Edited by Scarly

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Update: Changed clan discord server, and Scarly has resigned from the clan. 

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