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Dungeoneering Leech Service

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Hello fellow Onyx members,

    I'm going to be straightforward here, I'm offering a leeching service as titled. 10m cash or 200 donor shards per floor, will also accept donations on larger purchases. Will do 50% refund if floor goes longer than 30 minutes, 100% refund if it goes longer than 35 minutes(may seem long, but sometimes you get screwed on floor layouts, guardian doors, and puzzles). Will do discounts for larger purchases, will consider items as terms of payment depending on number of floors wanted. If there is a dispute due to the time, please provide a screenshot with date and time for reference. If interested, contact me in game(ign- rattfink), discord(infamouscummins), or on here. Thank you, and have a great time playing THE BEST RSPS TO EVER EXIST.

Adding some more info due to the amount of questions received.


Q. How much will 99/120 dung cost me?

A. Considering it is approx 1m xp per floor, 99 should take around 13 floors, and 120 should take around 104 floors. These are estimations and should not be used to gauge the exact cost as floor xp rates will vary between modes. 

Q. So and so said they can do it cheaper, can you give me their rate? 

A. No. If you don't like the cost, do it yourself.



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