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Demonic gorillas solo guide

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Hey guys ;)

Due to some requests here is my solo Demonic gorillas guide ! Hope you enjoy :)



I - Where to find them



Hit up ::tp then search gorillas and teleport to this place


Once there, go down the cavern entrance nearby. 



Once down there, head up north, passing the tortured gorillas, to find the single area Demonic gorillas




II - Gear/Inventory setups


There are two setups I'd recommend depending whether you're killing them on a Black demon task or not. I would of course advise you kill them whilst on task since the slayer helm bonuses surpass those of other options. Prayers should be curses if you're 95+ for turmoil, otherwise regulars.

1- Slay task setup

420978264_Capturedcran2020-01-2115_35_04.png.767cfe24d179e58f8c8676c02bc1a532.png        2041897123_Capturedcran2020-01-2115_33_54.png.f913f31c2854e45ce885b0ab86babe48.png


For this setup you want to maximise both melee and range outputs. A range armor like royal is ideal because it doesn't give negative melee accuracy. For the rings/neck slots go with a Fury/Berserker ring if you don't have the infinity variants. For the cape you can switch to a Max cape/Range cape/accumulator to pick up the dragon darts from your blowpipe. Melee wise go with an arclight if you do not have a legendary rapier.


2- Off task setup


236950580_Capturedcran2020-01-2115_22_42.png.872fc7af31af1816aee86bd3b99a098f.png         1566655435_Capturedcran2020-01-2115_25_19.png.1cdee21751491a2d3048bd5fd8acc420.png


Void is often preffered whilst off task since it requires little gear switching (only the helm) to provide decent melee/range outputs. Should you not have this gear look up the recommendations made above.

III - How to kill



1- Their attacks

Demonic gorillas attack with mage/range/melee. They will do so for 3 consecutive attacks then switch to another style. Down below you'll find pictures for each attack style.


Range attack - throws a white stone at you



Melee attack - gets up close and melees you - its actually a good idea to stand a few squares back when ranging and if you see the gorillas coming towards you switch to melee prayer.



Mage attack - throws a green ball



Rock attack - every so often a rock will fall down from the sky. You must move 2 tiles away from where you're currently standing to avoid damage.



2- How to kill

Every 50 (500 if playing on x10) damage or so with 1 style it will protect against said style. The trick is then switch gear and attack with the other style. For example say you're meleeing and do 500 damage, it will then pray against melee, therefore making further melee attacks deal no damage. You must then switch to your range setup for another 500+ damage. Rinse and repeat all the while switching prayers from their attacks.

Down below you'll find a link to some raw footage of me killing one of them - the vid is abit choppy because my computer is a potato but you should get the gist of it ;)



IV - Loot table


1- Common

1017179311_Capturedcran2020-01-2116_59_35.png.9d0459409b35d3cc127892fab83243fb.png  926240059_Capturedcran2020-01-2116_59_42.png.110c26ccaec62f27af1289a39952dd7e.png


2- Uncommon

1213145721_Capturedcran2020-01-2117_00_22.png.25cba944ef093ad776094fde3614d4cc.png   305173908_Capturedcran2020-01-2117_01_13.png.3ee86558e19c3e2bbced63c013a918a0.png


3- Rare





Thanks for reading my guide, hope it helps you out. Feel free to suggest any changes you'd make to it ;)



Edited by Alpha
added some video footage in "how to kill"

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Perfectly laid out, and easy to read. All the pictures and even the drop table included make it a breeze to follow for a n00b like myself. Thanks for the effort you put into this! 

Edited by CHEF

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8 minutes ago, Versacee said:

amazing guide, thank you !

Thank you sir you're welcome :) Good luck on zenytes ;)

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