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Bye Onyx

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I'm out. I'm no longer enjoying myself playing this game. There's several reasons but I'll list the most important ones:

No eco. Want to buy an item? Fuck you because no one has it/is willing to sell it.

Want an item? Have fun going 500+ dry despite having 200% drop rate.

Want to PVM? Too bad someone with a big wallet spent $400 to flex on you with OP custom items.

DragonKK is unwilling to listen to reason and makes weak arguments defending this when it's clearly just greed and fishing for whales. "To support the server" it doesn't cost taht much to run a server.

Everything takes too long and I realize I value my time more than the game values mine. I'm sick of it.


I dropped all my items, gz to the ones who got my shit. I'm out. You guys have fun. See ya never again probably unless serious changes are made to the server's monetization model and eco which literally is never going to happen. Deuces.


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