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Onyx II Update #7: New Home, Jormungand’s Prison & Island of Stone, Neitiznot Faceguard, Quality of Life and More!

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October 26th, 2019




Hello Everyone, we would like to start off by apologizing for the delay in our updates. We found ourselves busier than usual for the time, but can assure you we are back and ready. Today we bring you a new home, in the form of a remade Camelot Castle, the new Jormungand’s Prison & the Island of Stone along with the new Neitiznot faceguard. There’s lots more to check in this update, so let’s get to the updates!




New Home:

We have decided to move apart from Edgeville for our home here on Onyx. As a result, I have redone the iconic Camelot Castle to feel more welcoming. This home has an array of features including the portal nexus, shops, fishing spots, mining rocks, a range to cook, an anvil to smith, stalls to thieve, trees to cut, and a lot more. Be sure to check it out!

1.      ::Home, ::Shops, ::Fishing, ::Slayer, ::Thieving were all redirected to the new Home area.




Jormungand’s Prison:

1.      The Jormungand’s Prison along with the Island of Stone have been added to Onyx and are available on our teleport interface.

2.      Added Basilisk Knights to the dungeon. They drop the new faceguard attachment.

3.      Added the Neitiznot Faceguard.

4.      Added Basilisk Knights to Kuradal and Konar’s assignment tables.




Client Changes:

1.      Updated resizable UI tabs to match those found in fixed screen mode.

2.      Edited various icons within the UI to be more suiting.

3.      Updated to OSRS cache v184.

4.      Changed tasks tab to a teleport tab.




Quality of Life Updates:

1.      Changed home teleport to open up the ::TP interface.

2.      Increased the XP for lower level dungeoneering floors to boost initial gameplay.

3.      Made blood money tradable.

4.      Made Aura Tokens tradable.

5.      Added a shortcut to King Black Dragon, ::KBD.

6.      Increased new player starter cash.

7.      Replaced the starting rune scimitar with a dragon one.

8.      Made Kuradel tasks drop Konar keys too.

9.      Removed ceremonial from god boxes.

10.   Added logs to all forms of gambling and upgrading on Onyx.

11.   Fixed TP interface to open up instantly.

12.   Reduced prices of all runes over 100 gp by 65%.

13.   Reduced all arrow prices by 65%.

14.   Added skill teleports to the skill tab, by clicking on a skill you can now teleport to the skilling area related.

15.   Changed home fountain to restore HP and prayer for everyone.

16.   Improved the News announcements.

17.   Improved the new player broadcast.

18.   Added teleport to chest options on Crystal, and Konar Keys along with upgrade gems.

19.   Vote tickets now get added directly to the bank in zones you could not previously claim them.

20.   Added a 3% XP boost to ::DZ.




Bug Fixes and Other Updates:

1.      Fixed an issue with part of the new Priffdinas slayer dungeon not dropping crystal shards.

2.      Fixed Moparscape voting.

3.      Fixed an issue with the Ava’s effect on elite comp cap and made it recolorable.

4.      Fixed an issue with Zenyte Rank’s Bank sizes.

5.      Fixed an issue where expert gamemode items would not drop on death for non-expert gamemodes.

6.      Removed the 1% XP bonus from clans.

7.      Added home to the ::TP interface.

8.      Added a new slayer master to ::Slayer.




Hope you all enjoy this update, we are currently working on the next one for Halloween.

Stay tuned, and see you in-game!






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4 hours ago, Bailey said:

You guys removed switching prayer/spell book from the task tab. That was a diamond + perk. Why?

Altars are located right at home, dz & vip zones. Making teleports more accessible for players was a priority.

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