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Max Cape's Road to Elite Completionist.

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Hey everyone !

With the new addition of the Elite Completionist Cape, I decided to make that a goal and grind for it as much as I can.

Down below is the Table of contents of this thread. Hope you enjoy !


  • Current Stats / Short Term Goals
  • Current XP / Long Term Goals
  • Completionist Cape Progress / Trimmed Completionist Cape Progress / Elite Completionist Cape Progress
  • PvM Goals / Drops Log
  • Pet Goals
  • Clue Scroll Goals
  • Miscellaneous Goals


Current Stats / Short Term Goals

Attack Attack icon.png  99/99
Strength Strength icon.png  99/99
Defence fenceDefence icon.png  99/99
Ranged Ranged icon.png  99/99
Prayer Prayer icon.png  99/99
Magic Magic icon.png  99/99
Runecrafting Runecraft icon.png  99/99
Construction Construction icon.png  99/99
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering  114/120
Hitpoints Hitpoints icon.png  99/99
Agility Agility icon.png  99/99
Herblore Herblore icon.png  99/99
Thieving Thieving icon.png  99/99
Crafting Crafting icon.png  99/99
Fletching Fletching icon.png  99/99
Slayer Slayer icon.png  99/99
Hunter Hunter icon.png  99/99
Mining Mining icon.png  99/99
Smithing Smithing icon.png  99/99
Fishing Fishing icon.png  99/99
Cooking Cooking icon.png  99/99
Firemaking Firemaking icon.png  99/99
Woodcutting Woodcutting icon.png  99/99
Farming Farming icon.png  99/99
Summoning Summoning  99/99


Current XP / Long Term Goals

Attack Attack icon.png  200M/200M
Strength Strength icon.png  200M/200M
Defence fenceDefence icon.png  200M/200M
Ranged Ranged icon.png  200M/200M
Prayer Prayer icon.png  200M/200M
Magic Magic icon.png  200M/200M
Runecrafting Runecraft icon.png  20.4M/200M
Construction Construction icon.png  42.8M/200M
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering  61M/200M
Hitpoints Hitpoints icon.png  200M/200M
Agility Agility icon.png  23.6M/200M
Herblore Herblore icon.png  200M/200M
Thieving Thieving icon.png  200M/200M
Crafting Crafting icon.png  27.5M/200M
Fletching Fletching icon.png  200M/200M
Slayer Slayer icon.png  55.9M/200M
Hunter Hunter icon.png  28.6M/200M
Mining Mining icon.png  28.3M/200M
Smithing Smithing icon.png  17.9M/200M
Fishing Fishing icon.png  200M/200M
Cooking Cooking icon.png  110.1M/200M
Firemaking Firemaking icon.png  44.5M/200M
Woodcutting Woodcutting icon.png  37.9M/200M
Farming Farming icon.png  200M/200M
Summoning Summoning  71.6M/200M


Completionist Cape / Trimmed Completionist Cape / Elite Completionist Cape Progress

Regular Cape Completionist cape.png

Level 120 Dungeoneering
Level 99 in all other skills
Kill every Boss 1x
Kill every slayer monster x20

Complete all quests
Win one game of Stealing Creation

Win 1 game of Fight Pits
Captured 1 Flag in Castle Wars
Win a staked duel in the Duel Arena

Obtain a set of Elite Void
Obtain a Dragon Defender from Warrior's Guild
Sell Mandrith a statuette
Mine a Shooting Star
Cut an Evil Tree

Unlock 300 Music Tracks
Solve 10 Treasure Trails
Obtain Golden Mining set from the Laval flow mine
Obtain Lumberjack set from the Sawmill minigame
Obtain Black Ibis set from Sorceror's Garden

Obtain Runecrafter set from the Yellow mage in Runespan
Obtain Fishing set from the aerial Fishing activity
Win a Quick Reaction challenge
Finish 30 Boss Tasks
Obtain 200 Dominion Tower Kills

Win 3 Trivia sessions
Win a Partyhat against the Dice King
Giveaway 500,000,000 to the Wishing Well


Trimmed Completionist Cape Completionist cape.png

Obtain a Boss or Skilling Pet
Kill every boss x3
Obtain 500 Dominion Tower Kills
Obtain the virtual level 110 in every skill

Win 10 Trivia sessions


Elite Completionist Cape Completionist cape.png

Obtain a Boss's Fastest kill record
Obtain the virtual level 120 in every skill
Complete The Horde activity
Giveaway 2,000,000,000 GP to the Wishing Well



PvM Goals / Drops Log

Make Infinity Ring
Make Infinity Necklace
Torva Helmet - Platebody - Platelegs - Boots - Gloves
Virtus Mask - Robe Top - Robe Bottom - Boots - Gloves
Pernix Cowl - Body - Chaps - Boots - Gloves - Zaryte Bow

Armadyl Helmet - Chestplate - Chainskirt - Boots - Gloves - Buckler - Crossbow
Bandos Helmet - Chestplate -
Tassets - Boots - Gloves - Warshield
Subjugation gown - Robe Top - Robe Bottom - Boots - Gloves - Ward
Kodai Wand - Twisted Bow - Elder Maul - Dragon Claws
Ancestral Hat - Robe Top - Robe Bottom
Justiciar Helmet - Platebody - Platelegs - Boots
Scythe of Vitur - Ghrazi Rapier - Sanguinesti Staff - Avernic Defender Hilt

Dragon Hatchet - Archer's - Seer's - Berserker - Warrior's Rings
Full Torag (0/5) - Full Dharok (0/5) - Full Ahrim (0/5)
Full Verac (0/5) - Full Karil (0/5) - Full Akrisae (0/5)

Eternal - Pegasian - Primordial Boots
Ragefire - Glaiven - Steadfast Boots
Kraken Tentacle - Occult Necklace
Abyssal Bludgeon - Vorkath's Assembler - Wings of Wealth
Feracious Gloves -
Brimstone Ring - Bonecrusher Necklace
Cursed Skull - Purple Sled - Catalytic Sigil
Arcane - Spectral - Elysian - Divine Sigils

Torture - Anguish - Toxic Blowpipe

Pet Goals

Heron - Baby Chinchompa - Beaver
Rift Guardian - Rock Golem - Rocky

Tangleroot - Phoenix Eggling - Venenatis spiderling
Vet'ion Jr. - Scorpia's Offspring - Callisto Cub
Corporeal Critter - Nomad Pet - Galvek Pet
Onyx Boss Pet - General Graardor Jr. - Zilyana Jr.
Kree'arra Jr. - K'ril Tsutsaroth Jr. - Kalphite Princess - Dagannoth Supreme Pet
Dagannoth Prime Pet - Dagannoth Rex Pet - Baby Mole
Nexterminator - Tz-Rek-Jad - Shrimpy
Jal-Nib-Rek - Queen Black Dragonling - Prince Black Dragon
Vorki - Lil'Zik - Pet Snakeling
Hellpuppy - Pet Kraken - Hydra Pet
Wolpertinger Pet - Torag's Pet - Dharok's Pet
Ahrim's Pet - Verac's Pet - Guthan's Pet
Karil's Pet - Olm Pet

Clue Scroll Goals

Full Helmet - Platebody - Platelegs - Kiteshield - Longsword
Mage hat - Robe top - Robe -  Amulet - Wand
Range coif - Range top - Range legs - Vambraces - Bow
Axe - Pickaxe - Cloak - Ring
Wreath - Rangers boots


Miscellaneous Goals

2147M Cash
100M Spirit Shards
10M Platinum Tokens
100k Donor Shards
White - Yellow - Purple - Red - Green - Blue - Black Partyhat
Green - Red - Blue H'ween Mask
Black Santa - Santa Hat
Blood Scythe - Armadyl Battlestaff - Lightning Rapier
Zenyte Rank
Obtain Gilded Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant, Rune and Dragon Pickaxes.
All Halos from Castle Wars
Full Profound set from Castle Wars


Custom Grinds

I'll try to grind for Slayer monster's unique drops X amount of times. The amount will be pre-defined by a random number generator from 1-100. Once the amount is reached, I'll strike that grind. Here are the monsters along with their unique drops and the amount obtained/needed. I'll add the drop rates according to my drop rate enhancer and how many I'd need to kill to expect that many items.


Abyssal Demon    --->    Abyssal Whip    --->    0 / 39
Mogre    --->    Mudskipper Hat / Flippers    --->    0 / 29
Cave Horror    --->    Black Mask    --->    0 / 12
Dust Devils    --->    Dragon Chainbody    --->    0 / 76
Nechryael    --->    Rune Boots    --->    0 / 63
Spiritual Mage    --->    Dragon Boots    --->    0 / 43
Cave Kraken    --->    Trident of the Sea    --->    0 / 54
Dark Beast    --->    Dark Bow    --->    0 / 34
Smoke Devil    --->    Occult Necklace    --->    0 / 94
Jungle Strykewyrm    --->    Hexcrest    --->    0 / 89
Desert Strykewyrm    --->    Focus Sight    --->    0 / 16

I may have forgotten some major items during the PvM part. Feel free to notifying me about it by replying to this thread.
Thanks for taking the time to read it and looking forward to update it with pictures !

Edited by Vincent

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On 2019-07-14 at 2:45 AM, Content said:

Good luck with your goal bro ;) 

Thanks !

22 hours ago, Black said:

I look forward to doing half of these goals for you!!<3


Lmao funny

21 hours ago, Kitsuna said:

good luck!

Thanks :)


19 hours ago, Alpha said:



2 hours ago, Exphos88 said:

Good luck fam, there is no way I'd do all that I'm to lazy

ahah :) I'll try !

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