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Warrior guild AKA defenders!

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Recommended Skills:

  • 65+ Attack + Strength (130+ total of the 2 stats to Access)
  • 43+ Prayer Recommended (to AFK moar)

Choose Your Method:

  • This guide will help you get just that in a few simple steps, but to speed it up...
  • If you are patient, use ::vote for 6 days for 5 votes/day to have 30 votes.
  • Then buy a Rune Defender from "Robin" at ::shops for 30 vote points.
  • This will eliminate the need to grind 6 out of 7 defenders AND help the server.


Required Armor:

  • Use the ::shop command
  • Then trade "Gear Shop" NPC
  • Buy Rune: Helm, Plate, and Legs.






Get Tokens:

  • Go to ::warriorguild and head to the area shown with the armor re-animators.
  • Add the rune armor to the area in order to spawn the NPC you have to kill in order to gain points.
  • I suggest getting as many points as you're will to spend time in the next area for your dragon defender!





Get Defenders:



  • Head upstairs near the bank area to the top floor and enter the door.
  • Select the points you earned to enter the area to start that Dragon defender grind!
  • I personally recommend exit/re-entry into the room each time a new tier is picked up.
  • The DR is 1/50 and 1/100 for Bronze-Rune and Dragon Defenders, respectively.







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Well done guide brother, I really like the video clips! Definitely very helpful and the rune defender from Robin alternative could save time for those that aren't in a rush to get their dragon defender within the first day or two of them joining. :D

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heyy +1 to the guide :).    Id suggest to also add that you "don't need to leave the room to get the next defender" <<< Its a common question from alot of people trying to get their def drops.

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