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Onyx II - 15th June

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Hello Everyone,


Throughout the past few months, my partner and I have been monitoring the state of Onyx. Onyx, as many of you may know, has been running and thriving for nearly 2 years, longer than any other OSRS/Pre-EOC mashup server ever. However, during recent months, Onyx has seen a steady decline in its player base. At first glance, we chalked this decrease in player base up to new servers opening and larger OSRS content updates - but it's been made relatively clear to us (through speaking to you all) that there have been some underlying problems that have been dampening the overall player experience on Onyx for some time now. As many of you have told us - our game modes and economy are in need of a serious revitalization, an overhaul if you will, alongside our donation system. After serious consideration and weighing of both pros and cons, we have decided that in order to continue to provide the server we are proud to own and play, we need to make some quite major changes. This being said - we are looking at a revamp of every game mode, rates at which GP comes into the game, end game content expansion, and above all else - a fresh start.


Effective this Saturday, 10am EST (same as in-game time), Onyx will be relaunching under the same name, but with a fresh start. This means that all accounts will be reset, where everyone is starting from square one together, participating in a fresh economy and grind for power and wealth. In addition to a restart, all banned accounts will have their bans lifted, welcoming them back into the server for a second chance and a fresh start among their peers. We understand the frustration this may cause many of you - and we want to reiterate we have not made this decision lightly. The future of Onyx is in all of our hands - and, having tweaked a good portion of Onyx' core, we believe this is the best step in the right direction towards us seeing Onyx once again become the successful and bustling server it once was.



As for those who donated recently, we will be offering refunds in the form of donator shards once the reset occurs. We will handle refunds in the following manner:

1.     Donations within the past 30 days will receive a 100% refund.

2.     Donations within the past 31-60 days will receive a 50% refund.

3.     Donations within the past 61-90 days will receive a 25% refund.

4. Donations within the past 91-365 days will receive a 10% refund.

5.   Players who have logged in between June 1st - June 14th will keep their corresponding donator rank.

If your donation falls into this one of these periods, make sure to pm the Onyx Management team and we will get you sorted out manually.

For Monthly Top Donators: Your monthly donator pet will be restored after you pm us.



With that being said we invite you all to join us for a next chapter.



Onyx will be resetting upon the update this Saturday, June 15th.


Our Newest Update: 


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I'm pretty hyped for this altogether and as someone who has: Onyx rank/Blood scythe/Inf jewlery/H'Ween Tbow/Full Justiicar/and only really missing nex items this is something that will bring the server back to it's maximum potential.

Seeya ingame on Saturday!

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Old player/Week 4 vet here:


I managed to get an email regarding the update. I’m thrilled to hear Onyx being reworked. One of the main things that drove me away from the server was the economy or lack there-of. I hope this update makes a serious impact on the game and I can’t wait to give it another shot. I will be logging in tomorrow just so my donator status is saved and so I can attempt to build my account again from the ground up. Can’t wait to see some old faces and some old memebers return from the depths of hell. Cya’ll in a few days!



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Just logged in to keep my donor rank, can you guys send another bot notification to remind on saturday when the reset happens? I'm usually pretty busy on weekends and I might forget. I'd love to join in and hang out. Also, what all is changing with the core of the game? or is that info coming out on saturday?

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