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Onyx II Update #1: Upgraded GWD Sets, New Interfaces, Reworked MBoxes, Legendary Lightning Rapier & More!

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June 15th, 2019


Hey guys ;) I hope yall doing alright.

It is my pleasure to present you the patch notes for Saturday's update. It features some interesting new features and a couple of bug fixes / quality of life updates, enjoy !


Ultimate God Wars sets & Almighty Godsword

  1. New upgraded sets for Bandos / Armadyl / Subjugation are now available. You may choose to take the risk of upgrading your current GWD set pieces for a chance (25%) of acquiring the upgraded version, you can find our upgrade chest in the bank at home. Down below is a preview of all three sets. These will have better stats than their regular counterparts, standing right in between them and Nex gear. The Almighty Godsword is also available to players that fuse all current Godswords with an almighty hilt (obtained from blood shop). 
  2. The new upgraded sets have a 1.5% damage boost per piece equipped.



4174cfbb073ac3559e11f61dd2d30b6d.pngCapture d’écran 2019-06-11 à 21.19.04.png


Legendary Lightning Rapier

  1. Added a new best in slot one handed weapon which has a faster attack speed than other variants. Be sure to check our web store to get your hands on it!



Mystery boxes rework & Deal of the day

  1. We added a roulette like interface when opening boxes aswell as a quick open button.
  2. All boxes are now stackable and they are now also available from the vote shop.
  3. Added a preview loot window to all boxes.
  4. Improved all boxes rewards by removing most of the unwanted items from them.
  5. Added a Millionaire's box that will reward you with a random cash amount.
  6. Added a Deal of the day system accessible at ::deals that will offer you items daily at discounted rates ! 





Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a Guard's defence level (crossbow guard).
  2. Items will no longer be sent in their noted variant in your bank (Dominion Tower, raids, etc...).
  3. Imbued rings can now be unimbued.
  4. Fixed prices in our donation guide store (barrows / bandos, etc.) that were bugged due to removal of lucky items.
  5. Fixed an issue with ban / unban.
  6. Fixed the enable / disable auto loot button on Infinity necklace.
  7. Fixed rank icons in web store.
  8. The Vengeance spell no longer disrupts a player's walk animation unless they're already in a PvP area when they cast it.
  9. Stacked spin tickets / double spin tickets now work as intended.



Quality of life

  1. Items kept on death are now based on Grand Exchange value.
  2. Grand Exchange prices will now update more often and more accurately based on a larger number of transactions.
  3. Wolpertingers now require 97 slayer to be assigned as a task / killed.
  4. Wishing well has now be made way more accessible with its price now being 100K per minute as opposed to 500K previously. The xp boost however has been brought down from 25% to 15%.
  5. Reworked game mode selection interface.
  6. You may now change a lot of graphic options in our settings (such as x10 hits, item looks, etc...) which previously required commands to do so.
  7. Added a 1% bonus xp boost when being part of a Clan Chat - what are you waiting for? Join one / create one today !
  8. Pest Control points are now affected by donator ranks (10% extra per rank).
  9. Stealing Creation points are now affected by donator ranks (10% extra per rank).
  10. Added dragon diamond / ruby / dragon stone bolts to Gear guide.
  11. Donator shards / ranks can now be traded no matter the game mode by simply using them on the other player.
  12. Changed the Demonic gorilla teleport to be inside the Demonic gorilla cave.
  13. Increased the chance of receiving an item from Chambers of Xeric's chest at Theatre of Blood.
  14. Increased the chance of upgrading Toxic blowpipe to its Infernal variant by 20%.
  15. The ::donated command will now display the amount donated rather than spam donations 1 by 1.
  16. Added a feature to hide the attack option.
  17. Increased the amount of food available at Onyx Guide.
  18. Improved crabs starter zones.
  19. Improved combat orb position.
  20. Improved task tab.
  21. Opening skill advance guide option in skills tab now sends you to our Skilling guides section on forums.
  22. Changed boss / skill of the day to update every 24 hours as opposed to 12 hours previously. An announcement will also display in chat when that happens.
  23. Added a ::help command that will open a ticket for our Staff team
  24. Improved ::players command 
  25. Added a few item examines to some of the new items







  1. Removed xp weekends due to wishing well being much more accessible (100K per min - 6M per hour) this should even things out. Also see 3. below :) 
  2. Corrupt PvP gear no longer announces when dropped by Galvek.
  3. Added a command to modify the server bonus xp multiplier - we will host many bonus xp events so keep your eye out for it in our #events channel on Discord ;)
  4. Added upgrade gems to our web store. These guarantee that every item you use with it will be a successful upgrade.
  5. Torva plate body now has +5 strength bonus similar to Vanguard plate body.
  6. Creating an Infinity necklace now requires a fury as well.



Cosmetic Changes

  1. Added particles to Catalyst shield.
  2. Improved Infinity necklace visual aspect.
  3. Renamed ultimate slayer helmet to eternal slayer helmet and modified its visual aspect.

Capture d’écran 2019-06-11 à 21.29.10.png


Capture d’écran 2019-06-13 à 16.51.47.png


Pandora chest

  1. Our new $100 contest will be running starting today until someone wins it! More details here.

Capture d’écran 2019-06-11 à 21.10.46.png



We hope you guys enjoy the update ;) Feel free to leave feedback down below and see ya ingame!


Information about Onyx Relaunch available at:





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