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PvM Extravaganza (June 1st and 2nd)

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Hey yall ;)


This coming weekend we will be hosting a Solo PvM Extravaganza event that will be running from Saturday 1st of June at 00:00 AM EST until Sunday 2nd at 12:00 PM EST. 


As a result the global drop rate will also be boosted by 10% for the whole duration of the event !


You do not need to sign up for this event to be eligible for its rewards. However, you must observe the rules listed below.


Rules :


  • You must take a screenshot with quest tab open when receiving a drop in order for me to check the time stamp and verify that all drops are legit. Also, please add the day that you got the drop at (either Saturday or Sunday example below) to make things easier for me.


Capture d’écran 2018-06-30 à 14.12.15.png


  • After event is over (and only then, please don't reply every time you get a drop for my sanity's sake ;) ) you will have to post these same screenshots as a reply in this thread and announce how many points you have. I will of course be checking that your points count is correct.


  • If you get a drop whilst loot sharing with someone else, the full points will go to the person receiving the drop.


  • The first drop of a listed item gives you 100% of the points (list down below), the second one will give you half and 3+ drops of the same item will not grant you any. For example - if I went to Zulrah and got 2 magic fangs and 1 tanzanite fang, my first magic fang would be worth 5 points whilst my second would be 2.5 points and my tanzanite fang 5 points for a grand total of 12.5 points. This mechanic ensures that you have to switch bosses in order to get full points.


  • All Onyx rules apply.


Bandos Godwars


Bandos pet - 10 points

Bandos hilt - 7.5 points

Bandos chestplate - 5 points

Bandos tassets - 5 points

Bandos helmet, gloves, boots, shield - 2.5 points


Armadyl Godwars


Armadyl pet - 10 points

Armadyl Hilt - 7.5 points

Armadyl chestplate - 5 points

Armadyl chainskirt - 5 points

Armadyl helmet, gloves, boots, buckler - 2.5 points


Zamorak Godwars


Zamorak pet - 7.5 points

Zamorak Hilt - 5 points

Subjugation top - 4 points

Subjugation legs - 4 points

Zamorakian spear & staff of the dead - 3 points

Subjugation helmet, gloves, boots, shield - 2 points


Saradomin Godwars


Saradomin pet - 10 points

Saradomin Hilt - 7.5 points

Armadyl crossbow - 5 points

Saradomin whisper/murmur/hiss - 4 points

Saradomin sword - 2 points


King Black Dragon


Pet - 20 points

Draconic visage - 7 points

Dragon pickaxe - 3 points


Tormented demons


Dragon claws - 5 points

Dragon platebody - 3 points


Corporeal Beast


Pet - 30 points

Divine sigil - 27.5 points

Elysian sigil - 25 points

Arcane sigil - 22.5 points

Spectral sigil - 20 points

Holy elixir - 10 points




Pet - 40 points

Zaryte bow - 30 points

Any platebody - 25 points

Any platelegs - 22.5 points

Any helmet - 20 points

Any boots - 17.5 points

Any gloves - 15 points




Pet - 20 points

Tanzanite fang / magic fang / serp helm  - 6 points

Uncut onyx - 4 points




Pet - 15 points

All crystals - 5 points

Smouldering stone - 2.5 points


Lizard shamans


Dragon Warhammer - 8 points


Demonic gorillas


Zenyte - 6 points

Heavy ballista - 5 points

Light ballista - 4 points


Kraken (boss only)


Pet - 10 points

Tentacle - 5 points

Trident - 4 points




Pet - 20 points

Wings of Wealth - 15 points

Soul stone - 10 points


Corrupted Wolpertinger


Pet - 30 points

Catalyst sigil - 20 points

Corrupted curse - 15 points

Purple sled - 10 points


Dagannoth Kings


Pets - 10 points

Rings - 4 points

Dragon axes - 2 points




Any boots - 5 points


Giant Mole


Pet - 10 points

Torso - 5 points

Fighter helmet - 3 points

Other penance pieces - 2 points




Whip vine - 7 points


Queen Black Dragon


Pet - 30 points

Royal crossbow - 6 points

Draconic visage - 5 points

Dragon kiteshield - 4 points




Pet - 15 points

Both visages - 7.5 points

Dragon bone necklace - 5 points




Polypore stick - 4 points


Abyssal demons


Abyssal whip - 2 points

Abyssal dagger - 1 point


Dark beasts


Dark bow - 2 points


Ice strykewyrms


Staff of light - 3 points


Abyssal sire


Pet from unsired - 20 points

Unsired - 10 points


Wildy wyrm


Vecna skull - 10 points




Non corrupt PvP weapon - 6 points

Non corrupt PvP armor piece - 4 points

Wilderness weapons - 2 points

Amulet of avarice - 2 points




Pet - 20 points

Tyrannical ring - 10 points

Dragon pickaxe - 5 points




Pet - 16 points

Treasonous ring - 8 points

Dragon pickaxe - 4 points




Pet - 25 points

Ring of the gods - 15 points

Dragon pickaxe - 5 points




Pet - 30 points

Per killcount - penalty for 2+ doesn't count - 5 points


World boss


Blood gem - 50 points

Pet - 40 points

Phats/Collector necklace/zenytes/chaotics - 20 points

Per killcount - penalty for 2+ doesn't count (must get the rare loot) - 10 points


Theatre of Blood


Pet - 50 points

Scythe / Ghrazi rapier / Sanguinesti staff / Twisted bow - 40 points

Dragonhunter crossbow / Elder maul / Kodai wand / Avernic defender - 30 points

Dinh's bulwark / Twisted buckler / Justiciar pieces / Ancestral pieces - 20 points



Rewards :

1st place : 1 God mystery box + 1 premium mystery box

2nd place : 1 premium mystery box + 1 mystery box

3rd place : 1 mystery box

All participants (must post drops in thread) : An exclusive cosmetic item ;) 


GL & HF - May Rngesus be on your side ^_^

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Posted (edited)

Guess I'll be the first to reveal my meager earnings over the weekend.

17 points in total.


Edit: Just noticed I forgot to switch tabs on the Onyx drop. RIP

Edited by LostSoul616

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Posted (edited)

+7 pts, not very lucky tbh did a LOT of gwd and cerb as well during the weekend. All screenshots are from Saturday, sorry for not date stamping them. Also got bonus abyssal demon pet, and though it doesn’t count for pts it’s still pretty cool :P




Edited by Madoc

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Welp Maddy boi. Looks like you and I are gonna be twinsies with our new exclusive cosmetic. And get some nice mboxes as a bonus. Because it doesn't look like anyone else is gonna submit their stuff. Even though there should be 1 or 2 people with more points than me.

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Congrats guys :)


1st place : 1 God mystery box + 1 premium mystery box awarded to Lostsoul616 with 17 points

2nd place : 1 premium mystery box + 1 mystery box awarded to Madoc with 7 points

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