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Onyx Update #80 : New Slayer shop and helmet, Infernal Blowpipe, Nex/justiciar gear buffs, and more !

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May 19th, 2019


Hey guys ;) I hope yall doing alright.

It is my pleasure to present you the patch notes for today's update. It features some interesting new features and a couple of bug fixes / quality of life updates, enjoy !


New slayer shop

  1. This new slayer shop will allow you to purchase a range of items from all combat styles with your hard earned slayer points. Down below you'll find a little preview. Get grinding ! ;) 

Capture d’écran 2019-05-19 à 17.23.50.png


New slayer helmet

  1. The Ultimate Slayer Helmet can be made by purchasing a slayer enchantment scroll from the slayer shop for 8.000 slayer points. Down below you'll find a little preview and its stats. ;) 


Capture d’écran 2019-05-19 à 16.23.38.png



New upgraded Toxic blowpipe : Infernal blowpipe

  1. This new blowpipe upgrade has a 15% chance of being made upon using a full Toxic blowpipe on the upgrade chest located in the Edgeville bank. It has +80 range accuracy / +70 range strength as opposed to +60 range accuracy / +60 range strength for the normal toxic blowpipe. It also doesn't use/require Zulrah scales.

Capture d’écran 2019-05-19 à 17.19.36.png

Capture d’écran 2019-05-19 à 16.46.41.png


Endgame gear buffs

  1. Buffed stats of Torva/Pernix/Virtus armors. They now are best in slots for their corresponding combat style ;)
  2. Buffed Justiciar armor overall by giving it half the Nex armor life point boost as we felt it was underused previously.

PvP changes

  1. Reduced melee and range defense by 1/3rd in PvP areas.
  2. Removed the 1 tick delay on spec / gear / prayer switching as it is the case on OSRS.
  3. Buffed the price of PvP weapons from 2 to 3 million blood money.
  4. Added looters necklace to the blood money shop for 1 million blood money.


Game mode updates

  1. Removed dungeoneering mode.
  2. Removed slayer mode.


Quality of life

  1. Clue scrolls will now reward you with gold depending on the tier completed. Easy will give you 200K / medium 300K / hard 400K / elite 500K cash.
  2. Fixed slayer tasks size. They now scale to slayer master properly.
  3. Added a teleport to Kuradal's dungeon.
  4. Boosted kingly implings dragon arrows loot.
  5. Turned all (d) items into their regular counterpart. This should make it easier to buy/sell these items on the ge.
  6. Added salve amulet effect on to the Infinity necklace.
  7. Crafting the infinity necklace now only requires torture / anguish / soul amulet + 1 looters necklace as opposed to 3 previously.
  8. Increased the amount of spins from mystery boxes and made them stackable.


Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a glitch with Alchemical Hydra fire phase.
  2. Black Santa hat is now tradable.
  3. Nex gloves and boots are now tradable.
  4. Wines of Zamorak from Kril Tsutsaroth are now dropped noted.



  1. Added Madoc's requested pet for April Top Donator rank ! Congrats on the only genie pet in game :D 



Thanks for the continued support, we hope you all enjoy this update ;) 

And as always, feel free to leave feedback and see you ingame !


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